The Project: Kuwait

Calories in Calories Out! Is Calorie Counting Beneficial or Detrimental?

February 09, 2020 The Project Kuwait Season 1 Episode 114
The Project: Kuwait
Calories in Calories Out! Is Calorie Counting Beneficial or Detrimental?
The Project: Kuwait
Calories in Calories Out! Is Calorie Counting Beneficial or Detrimental?
Feb 09, 2020 Season 1 Episode 114
The Project Kuwait
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Theo Project brought. Wait, what you learn? Hey, guys, Welcome to this episode of the project. Meg was flustered. She doesn't know what saying the intro s So I'm taking this one. No, I give you the best control right now. We talked about the all my boutique that rips you off County Mac Rose, measuring food with your hands and fixing your head and find out why I hate beacons. Yeah, they would start it all.

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Was the debate on calories in and calories out? And is it worth tracking them? So we'll just go through some of the surprising reasons why that's not so accurate. Maybe what you do. Instead,

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I think we ended it with, like, fix what's in your head, and you can hear us talk about that a little bit. S o if you have any questions, D. M s and we could pass them on to Dr Dinka a ll this inborn.

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All right, well, welcome to the project and say we're gonna get into some nutrition talk with calories in calories. Out. But before that, Maddie was just catching me up on a bit of what's going on in Kuwait and the insta famous world. So let's chat about that a little bit. I want to hear more on how things are going with the influencers and what they're influencing these days.

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Obviously there are influencing a bunch of bullshit. But before we start on that backstory thio, where our topic came from when we had that little discussion in the car on our way back from the Cape. Okay, all right. Wait. What were our minds? No, no, the calories in calories out. Well, before we get into that, I want the audience to know the backstory way had a good That's 1/2 a Knauer. Many debated argument you a civil debate. And then, you know, we were that we rolled up to Boston. You like all the city's beautiful? We forgot about it. I think it's

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like, Well, look at the skyline. Shut up for a minute.

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I know which was true. Boston has a beautiful skylight, so that's where the topic a from. But the new trendy thing here in Kuwait is, and I won't say the name because of legal issues, but it's some online boutique, and then I'm sure everyone's seen the bill wards as they've been driving around the roads here like do this shit everywhere, like everywhere like these guys have. They must have like, ahh, $500 million budget because they have all on the road to Maruge. It's like all those little billboards. It's while advertising for that online boutique. So, you know, out of curiosity, I was like, All right, let's check this shit out. Let's see if there's any legitimacy. There are some legit names on there. Like there are some cool names on there where I was like All right, cool. You know, But then when I started looking at the prices and comparing it to, like Amazon and everything else, I'm one of those guys were I'll go in. I wantedto lasagne. Um, and I was gonna buy a headset, so I looked at it. I was like, All right, Well, how much is it on Amazon and let me calculate the shipping with it. So it was like, All right, it's cheaper for me to buy it here, obviously get with the shipping. But then there are products where we buy here. You know where we buy on Amazon, and it's cheaper even with shipping. So I was looking at these prices. I'm like, Dude, something's off here. So when I checked on Amazon, there was a good 10 Katie difference on a couple of the products, and I'm like,

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What is each person selling? Are the each like, responsible for certain, like Department of Something? Or they're just pushing the stuff that they enjoy or

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what? But it's basically the stuff that they enjoy and the stuff that they like So they'll have their own page, I guess, and their products within this online boutique so people could go

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selling their products like double a Constable. You get it?

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I wouldn't say double, but there's obviously a margin. There's obviously a margin. Yeah, especially like someone brought up shoes to me because they saw, like, shoes. And they're like, I went to the store and it was like 20 Katie cheaper And I'm like, Are you shitting me? Like, What's the point? And I've heard from people that have worked with this business that they're making a killing like they're like shit flying off the shelves, which I get because it's so trendy and you know, the masses air kind of stupid when they see something like that, I would assume,

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I think there's just so much boredom e v like some others she was going on to where, like people feel the need to jump on things like that's like where they're even paying attention to that. You know, anything like I just I don't know. I think there's bigger issues and bigger things that money could be spent on,

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ah, 100 100%. Look, if you have a disposable income, go ahead. By all means have fun with a credit to some of these influences. They're doing a great job and in all honesty, the only one on their worth, noting that I would buy something he was using would be added as the greatest bodybuilder Kuwait has ever turned out. I mean, you know, he's the go to Kuwait. He's the greatest there ever will be in quaint my appear. And if he's like Oh, you know, I use this for recovery that's what I'm interested in, you know, that's really what I'm interested in. He's

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someone who actually has a story and a personal experience that goes along, but that where is the rest? I don't know if it's just massive amounts of plastic surgery that make them look a certain way. And then they can push out the things that they trick people into thinking, Get them to that point.

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I know, dude, I know already, and some of these guys, like all right, like all credit to them. Good for them. They found something that that was appealing to a lot of people. That's great. I'm happy. But everybody else do just freakin do some research in the price points when you're buying something, but it's so easy online to buy. To scroll and hit, add, add, add add but shit. When you get that credit card built the end of the month, you're gonna regret it. You know what? Maybe like, because you're gonna remember the rich people, the high end people, so to speak. They're not buying a guy like that. They're just not buying online right? It's the average Jane or Joe that's doing that, and it just it sucks because maybe some of them don't understand that there's an Amazon. Or maybe someone don't know they could go to like n b a dot com to buy that n b a jersey they see on on their you know what I mean? And it's like, Dude, it just sucks because it's the new hustle. In my opinion, you don't know. So that's why ties?

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Yeah, I just wonder what's gonna happen to a lot of I don't know. Maybe this is something that they were looking ahead Thio having this boutique because with Instagram moving towards the no likes and followers being, like published or public tomorrow, like, what does that do for a lot of those influencers and their contracts and things that are based on those numbers? So I don't know, maybe this is part of a transition for them giving them some income outside of just the instagram. But I guess I don't know the sustainability of it all.

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You know, if you really look at it, something's gonna pop up after Instagram. There's something will come up after Instagram and it will try talking

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about tic tac. I haven't really low a lot of do it. Do you know anything about that one

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chick? No, that's a game I play with D

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J. Apparently Tic Tac is the new thing to get on and to start paying attention Thio and that it's gonna replace what? Facebook and Instagram? I don't know. I haven't researched enough. I've been associated Instagram too. I haven't even posted since we went to Kate.

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You haven't posted in a while. Dude, I don't blame me. I look, I post all the time because I have friends all over the world. And it's like some are generally interested in what? I'm doing my progress and called CrossFit and pictures. You know D j like DJs. Like Like he's the man to my friends. My family family. Wasn't you shit about May. So it's cool. Tic tac destination for mobile videos. All right, This year, you look

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a little bit more. Maybe we'll start playing with it. Maybe we'll get a project account on there or something.

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Yeah. No, I mean, this looks like it has like,

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yeah. Hey, has our social media expert right? We need a task with that.

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Yeah, she's the person we like gave it to you. It's like here you go way. Don't know what you're doing so you can have it. No

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idea. That's my goal this week. I think it does to catch up on Instagram a little bits are posting and be a little more active on there. Some cool stuff has been been happening.

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Yeah, I personally I like your videos. All right. I really do enjoy. I honestly enjoy your videos. You know, like, I enjoy looking at because, dude, it's different when you're here. You know what I mean? But when you're abroad, it keeps me up to date on what you're doing. You know what I mean? Like

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connected fresh air. So what it's meant for exactly exactly up selling sneakers,

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E you know, do like, seriously, I just don't freaking get it. Like, if you came to me 10 years ago and said, Oh, there's gonna be an online boutique store and we're gonna, you know, mark up everything because so once I was wearing it like that, stupid and, you know, and here it's like, Oh, you want the kicker of it all to so some of these influencers All right, Which I mean, being on the air, quotes always go around that dude like again, You know, you're in Kuwait. You're in a small pond, Okay? Like they're in a small pond, go out of Kuwait year. Not even a fish in their ocean you know, your plankton, if that. But I know I'm such an asshole. Yeah, You got me on a good night today.

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You're Kuwaitis that you could get away. Let's

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say, uh, not gonna have a lot of friends after this, but who gives a shit anyways? Back to what I was saying. They're making colognes and perfumes, right? So they'll have the power of smell expert, whatever the hell it is. Mixed shit together through online. And now all of a sudden, they're selling it for 30. Katie, 40 Katie. So their profit margin went from 20% on whatever was on their page two. Now, like 85 to 90%. Wow, that's not even need a toy letter. Whatever the fuck it's called E. That's Arabian Gulf sewage water.

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Uh, yeah. Somebody. I've seen people buying that stuff in bulk. Like at the soup. Like all the Yeah, fragrance is essential later. Their stuff in bulk, I wonder. Source quality.

spk_0:   10:04
Dude. A little

spk_1:   10:05
stressed. Let's talk about that,

spk_0:   10:06
you know, Right? Right. Like, honestly, I feel good when I don't wear deodorant. I honestly feel better. I think it really does disrupt my estrogen receptors. You know, what I mean. Like so naturally

spk_1:   10:18
I was switched with all natural ones for sure, like the other ones. Yeah, There's definitely a level of chemical stress that's happening that messes with your hormones. That's where a lot of your lymph glands are very sensitive. Sense of area to be absorbing any kind of chemicals. Ah, yeah. Mess with your hormones that way.

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Dude, I still can't eat chicken. I stopped eating chicken for a while and I went back and I ate chicken and I felt like shit like It's horrible. That's crazy. That's crazy. So now I'm limiting my portions like a chicken. Before I'd have, like, three chicken breasts. I'd start by three chicken breast that now it's literally like one chicken breast. And I'm trying to like, see if I can get my body to become accustomed to it again or something like something drastically went wrong or something is wrong with the chicken. Were eating, you know, to see like something right.

spk_1:   11:07
I didn't say like from use just the sourcing. I mean, like, if I had trusted just where they came from, and I could look, you know, more the local farms and really like, pick that out. But I just It hasn't been good for me either, and that's why I don't. But I think sourcing and generally gets just so mass produced and pumped full of chemicals. I don't know it be interesting. If a lot of people kind of played with that elimination, just cut it out for a little bit and then try to reintroduce it and see what they noticed.

spk_0:   11:29
See what happens. And I'm a big

spk_1:   11:30
fan of that. Yeah. Big fan of doing things like that.

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Yeah, you are. They got health expert. Well, since we gotta insist, messed with mine own enough. I know, Right? Well, since we had on the food topic, let's revisit our many little debate. I mean, I think I was on the lines of saying that calorie counting is something that should be introduced. And I think we should, Professor, All of this is if you have an eating disorder or any emotional connections towards food like that's the first place you start. In my opinion, if you haven't even disorder, you're gonna start in your head before you start on the plate. So I want to get that one out there.

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Oh, I think that's just eating disorder or not. I mean, food is more than just being something that we need to strike for more than, like fuel, like people often refer to us this fuel. But it's definitely more something to talk about the emotional connection to it or anything like that, like we all have that leak, how we eat, where we what we need, what we don't eat, what's important to us. Those are all things that are really ingrained, kind of culturally society wise, like wherever you are. Food tells a big story about us, of emotional connection for all of us, like we're all gonna have that to food to a certain degree. And so I think recognizing what your food choices already kind of say about you, or what your connection are to those things that makes it easier of going forward of, you know, we're in health, like, what am I ready to give up or what do I even need to give up? Or what's happening with the switch places like this is what's tricky about people with weight management and things like let's take sleep, for instance, like that's not food related at all. But the less sleep that you get that can make people more apt to creating carbs and the junk food and things like that. So therefore, you have a couple of approaches. You can tell them like the junk food is bad for you can't have this and you can restrict, restrict, restrict and you build that up in their head to where now they see that thing and they obsess about it because they know that they can't have it. Or you could start to work on the sleep issue, and it's like, Let's try to get more sleep and see what that does for the cravings of this is that's not ideal. So there's this, you know, like food is just kind of funny about what they were. It's that may not always be like where the problem is the same thing of, like pain in our body, like where the symptom is showing up. Where the paint shows up may not necessarily be the source of it. There's a lot of ways to work around it, and so I think that's just something important for people understand, but important for coaches to understand two of It's not as easy as just passing over a meal plan or telling some of the count calories like they're our lifestyle and other bits of things. But I go into it

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and that's the thing. There's so much that goes into, I mean, let's be realistic. Majority of people wanna have that sexy beach bod, so to speak, right? I mean, that's the majority. If we're talking about the masses and what the masses don't understand is, there's a lot more that goes into that, like you said, and especially when it comes to programming training, what you're doing for your recovery, like you said. And I think sleep is one of the biggest factors if I'm sleeping like shit personally, if I sleep like crap, I'm just holding on to wait and I'm holding on to blow, and I feel like shit for, you know, for days until I get that check. But I mean, when you look at a body builder and a lot of people kind of associate their bodies with body builders, they don't understand how much hard work they go through in terms of getting their body a certain way to two or 3% body fat, which is not ideal in general for the human body. It's not Ah, home, your Stasis place to be at right. I mean,

spk_1:   14:51
well, and that's something that's like, I mean, a paycheck is dependent on, you know, the body in the performance of things. And for most of us, whether you want that body composition or not, that's not the case like your paycheck is not dependent. And therefore you don't need to go to those extremes in order to get that. But I mean it is gold base. I mean, whatever your goals are, just what are you prepared to give up to get there? But the thing that's interesting about even looking at athletes in these body compositions that we think that we wanna have This comes from when I was doing my studies with precision nutrition. But they did. A study of 70 athletes aren't enough precision nutrition actually did it, but I learned it through their teachings. But they took a study of 70 athletes, and over 210 days they tracked all their meals and all the nutrients. Everything they're getting at 100% of the athletes were deficient and at least three nutrients. And then they did the same thing with diet plans like popular diet plans like the low carb one, like Paleo Atkins and of the participants, everybody was deficient and at least six nutrients. So there's these diet plans other. You can look at these biotic compositions and think that that's what you want, but they're still a deficiency. To some degree that's happening, and you don't know where that showing up another place. Those are things that you don't see when you look at the body composition when you look at the performance and things like that, but we're all kind of deficient any certain areas. And so I think, focusing more on what that food means for you and how it fits into your lifestyle and how you can get a grip on your portions and you're making sure that you're getting all the vitamins and necessary things that you need. I think that's going to come through better. Coaching outside of following lengthy strict meal plans are kind of like the one size fits all. Does that make sense?

spk_0:   16:27
Yeah, I mean, you can't look in general and I agree with you 100%. I'm a soul believer in your body. Tells you what it needs, And if you're deficient in something, you're gonna crave it. You know what I mean? Like you're gonna have a craving for me. You know, it's weird, Like I have a craving for meat or potatoes. The other day I was hungry and, you know, it was like, All right, let me cook up some potatoes. Dude, I'm out like I don't know, like a pound of potatoes you like, and I'm just sitting there and I'm like, Wow, I needed something. My body needed starch. I needed energy somehow for, you know, does that make any sense versus

spk_1:   17:03
those cravings are gonna tell you a lot, and a lot of that can come down to, like, the stress level. So that could be something that was spending like again. We talked about the sleep. It could be hydration. It could be the way you move that day, the work, but yeah, and that's what's the problem with a lot of these. Like strict plans, they just don't generally account for those kinds of things, but I think it's just important to like, not get wrapped. I think the point of trying to drive was like the athlete studies in some of those health studies for diets is just that they're still a division. See, that needs to be addressed. And following these strict plans or chasing the body composition aren't making you necessarily Health and aesthetics may not be the same thing.

spk_0:   17:38
If you look at some of the high profile athletes and I always use baseball players like some of these guys, they're in about 16 17% body fat, you know, or 14% body that rarely Are you going to see some of the pros coming at 9% body fat or 8%? And when they do, a lot of that is genetics. They're just genetic freaks. Anyways, uh, and if people are like aspiring to get there and this is where I come from, if you do want to lose weight, I only recommend tracking and like tracking, because it gives you an idea of how much you're over consuming. And right now, right now in our world, it's over consumption, I would say, like there's

spk_1:   18:16
no rules that, like where you can't eat anything, we've talked about this before. It's like it's acceptable everywhere. Like in your office, in the car and the store. Like I mean, you can eat anywhere. Food is constantly around. You're constantly getting that signal that it's

spk_0:   18:27
okay. Way when you speaking of eating in the store. All right, I'm gonna give everybody hack. Okay, This is a grocery store hack, all right? And I hope I don't get caught for this. So if they have, like, hot wings, if you go to a grocery store and they have wings or whatever and you put it inside like, gold tinfoil thing, and then you know, you going away it so I take it you put it in your carriage and you're walking around, you're eaten them all right. It's definitely gonna weigh less, So my eyes all right, I've done that shit so many times. Terrible. But a very sorry I didn't take us off on a tangent. I just want to give everybody that hack, you know,

spk_1:   19:06
no legit, but going to him that I don't know, I guess with the tracking and things, why I steer away from that Because it can make people obsessive, you know, tracking the calories and the number one problem here is a calories, and you're relying on another resource to tell you what that content of that food item is or how many calories are in it. You have to assume that those resources are correct, but it has been proven in studies. And again, this comes through the precision Nutrition trainings that up to 25% there's up to 25% error on those due to, like incorrect labeling lab measurement, ares food quality, like all those things you can take into account. So that's for calories. In on the calories inside, you're up to a 25% error of what you're even getting anyway. When it comes to calories out, there's another 25% air because of maybe the equipment that you're using again lab measurement errors and then individual heirs of our own. So it's just not a reliable source, I guess of exact. There does need to be a deficit if we're talking like weight management, Yeah, but I think it's something that gets people little neurotic about tracking it when it's not even accurate in the first place.

spk_0:   20:13
No, I I could agree with that. I mean, you know me. My training is CrossFit. Yeah, I trained my ass off like, two hours a day. There is no way I could survive on a 2500 calorie diet like that's just not happening. And when I did track, I was surprised that how much of a sir Plus, I was at and I didn't care, though, because again, I'm eating for a different you know, I'm not eating for the six pack. I don't even really care by. It's still I wasn't shocked. I was just kind of like, Oh, that's interesting because I thought I was eating around 3000. Turned out I was like eating like 4000. And this was me tracking over a week. That's a lot of food, But you know what? I'm getting in 14 15,000 steps a day, plus two and 1/2 hours of exercise weight lifting all that couple in like, yeah, my body's craving it, and I agree with you totally. I think you fixed the first half of the problem by fixing your sleep, your head, all that stuff. And then when you get into looking at what you're consuming. I always told people Just don't eat it if it's out of a box or a package and that for me work three or four years ago And it's funny because when you don't eat processed foods right that are hyper palatable, I think we can agree on that. Processed foods want to make you eat more, and that's been proven in numerous taste.

spk_1:   21:28
Good and so you can eat a bunch of it. Yeah,

spk_0:   21:30
it's just like when you walk by a KFC. It smells so damn good you want to go in there and they design that smell. It wasn't an accident, and it's just like processed food. It's hyper palatable. So you put one potato chip in your mouth. Even if it's a reduced fat, that doesn't mean shit because you're still getting all that crap in there. You're gonna mouth the whole bag. You're gonna want more of it because of the dopamine release and everything that comes with it. But if your switch and you go to eating like not a paleo, but you go t eating just non processed foods, just try toe have as vegetables, meat, whatever. You know what I mean like you kind of get sick of it because it doesn't have that heightened sense of taste that make any sense. I think if you're

spk_1:   22:14
used to eating Proxim,

spk_0:   22:15
the ship, it's not gonna get a majority majority of people he processed shit like dude, my mother, my mother just dropped £30 really, yes. Just dropped £30. And you know what she did? She stopped enjoying it, stopped it stopped in processed food because that's the shit. We don't know what's in there. You can't really don't know what's in there.

spk_1:   22:35
But I think real food can taste just as good if you, you know, kind of retrain your palate to get off of us, get off the crackers, processed food. But those are a lot of like buzz word that you can hear of, you know, just eat whole foods. If you can't grow it, pick it, hunted whatever don't eat it. Which is there's, like, truth in that. But I think it's just hard for people. If we're talking like some serious like weight management issues, I think it's just hard for people to kind of grasp what that even means. And I think in their head. All they think is restriction, restriction, restriction. I can't have the things that I enjoy. Can't have the things that my family is going to eat. I can't have, like, think about gatherings, you know, and especially they can quit. How social things aren't you think of all these. We talk about food being a story and a part of people's lives, and they go in and you have marsh boost and all these, you know, delicious meals that are fairly heavy. If you tell someone that they can't enjoy that, I can't have that. I mean, I think that's just setting them up to kind of go through the dial cycle. It's viral to where maybe they sustain it for a little bit, and then after a while they just give up because it's too hard. They're being, you know, taunted by family and friends there, you know, just not able to enjoy their having to pull out measuring cups and scales. You know what every meal, which is just pretty dull in itself, like who wants to live that way? And I'm done it, and I think the benefit to me like counting calories and County Macron's before is that I think looking at a plate, I get a little bit better idea of kind of what I'm consuming. But the more I've gotten away from that, and the more I've just relied on I mean, like, my hand is my measurement tool that I use. I don't really go through that a little bit later of how you can use that. But I think the more I've just relied on that. In other habits of eating slowly and drinking enough water and getting enough sleep, I find where a lot of those cravings inhabit there already kind of sorted out to wear a calorie counting just never fixed. That'll just kind of spiral you into a obsessive compulsive mode. And then you get tired of it cause it doesn't fit in with your lifestyles, and then you give up and then you look for the next thing or you go back and you try it again. And I think that's where the majority of people are so even telling somebody like no sugar, you know, that could get confusing for someone who's that as comfortable with food is, maybe, you know, you and I are now where it's like they look at things like, you know, honey, And there could be a lot of benefits to having honey. But now they're thinking like, Well, I can't have sugars. I can't even have that I can't have. You know, like, you know, sugar grows, you know, sugar cane, you know, and so they're looking a little like, Well, what's wrong with sugar if it grows and that's something that's in the if you can't grow it, pick it, hunted. It's in that category. Why can't I have it? Like it gets very, very confusing for people for a lot of those kind of, like, just blanket guidelines of how to approach nutrition. So I think, yeah, the hand is the best tool that I can guarantee toe where you're going to get the nutrients that you need a ce faras like protein carbs and fat. And it's not gonna make you a CZ obsessive with counting things and having to track things.

spk_0:   25:14
Yeah. No, I mean, do you do the whole, like if the hole the size of your palm is what your protein should be in like,

spk_1:   25:21
yeah. So the general was like, yeah, protein is a palm size, and that's talking like thickness and you know, the whole like size of the palm. So for the precision nutrition, we usually start with two palm size for men and one palm size for women. And then you just kind of go from there. And the eating slowly habit is what kind of helps you charm. And if you go up or down from that, like you start to learn from you because, like I say, every plan that I had been on before going this route, it always give me recommended protein amounts of what I needed. And once I started eating this way, using the hand is the measurement and eating slowly and kind of working with a lot of those other habits, I started to find that, like the protein amount that I required was nothing at all close to what all these other plans were throwing at me. That we're like a blanket number of of a macro or calorie count tohave in, and I found that I was performing better. It was feeling better strength and everything went up, and I wasn't following a specific guy lying for each meal. Other than my hand. So palm size for the protein of fist size for vegetables, a cupped hand for carbs and then some size for fat. And if you can start with your plate there and again, like going the eating slowly kind of route, you take 20 minutes to get your meal. You'll find what you're really hungry for after that, And that's where those craving some in a place like you said you had that creating for potatoes the other day. Like once you finish that portion size of everything, you give yourself the time to eat it. The body today just it you can start to understand. Like what do I want more? Maybe I am craving a little bit more of the protein. Maybe I'm craving more of the carbohydrate. Maybe I need a little bit more fat and sometimes your, you know, sleeping activity the next day. So I think that's where, like tracking, like maybe a school dire of how things make you feel like

spk_0:   27:01
right after it. And the

spk_1:   27:02
next day, like those air, think I'm a fan of tracking, but a star is like the calorie intake of it, like it is just not accurate like, for example, and apple. You know, like there's some sources that count an apple at 83 calories hundreds, so the average is like 93 so you could go with the average number of things. But you know, and then again needs air food in there, raw form, or you're gonna get a number, and then you can get another error for things being cooked, you know, and food companies, they can use up to five different methods to estimate the calories so the FDA, like, already permits an error of up to 20% on that. So, like anything with a food label like you can't necessarily trust what's going to be in that either, you know, and there's also some studies and things that show, you know how we absorb calories. You don't necessarily absorb all the calories that you consumed, either. Some of it passes through its kind of undigested, and that varies from food to food and again, person a person in your genetics and habits and all those things that go along with that. So I mean, that's just another reason why the Callery number is I don't think one that you can trust and following foods that are you no more rich and fiber, the calorie content of what you absorbed from that is different. You absorb about 17% more calories from some of those fiber rich foods anywhere from like 17 to like 30%. I think

spk_0:   28:16
I believe in then cause, like

spk_1:   28:18
I said, there could be, you know, cooking it. Like if you look at a piece of steak. I mean, they're telling you it's probably 196 calories left in its raw form. A. Once you cook it, you're looking more like 240 calories. You know, an egg. 50 kau Dari isn't once you boil it or you know what you're looking for. 75 calories? Yeah, everything else So it's just There's a lot of things in there that just aren't accounted for. That the big problem that's just talking calories in that's not even talking calories out. We're talking eyeballing things, too, Like I mean, I don't a tablespoon of peanut butter like you try to eyeball that

spk_0:   28:51
usually measure out table double. You know it's

spk_1:   28:57
not the same. It's not the same. Like I made a meal last night good burrito bowls and like black beans. And I was just looking at the labels and kind of thinking there. And it's like if I even added an extra half a cup of black beans or something to it, like I'm already close like 200 calories more right there and half a couple blocks. Things like isn't a whole lot, you know, though, it's just it's really easy to confuse what those numbers, I think and all. It's like it all kind of all those little errors of what you could have. You know, whether it's cooked where it comes from, the labels and all that kind of stuff. I think in total that's what accounts for that 25%. Any actor state of what's going in?

spk_0:   29:32
Well, it makes sense. I mean, it depends in my opinion, what you're after, and calorie counting is indicative of how much you're over consuming, at least from my perspective that that's what it gives me. But now I've gotten to the point. I hate using this term now because it's been bastardized and it's just used by everyone intuitive eating, you know, like, yeah, yeah, everyone say no, I eat intuitively. Well, do you really know? Like you said, having a food diary and knowing how foods make you feel after you eat them like I know 100% right now Glue in in me. Do not mix like my igloo, and I'm constipated. For two days I feel like shit. I feel sluggish. I'm bloated as hell, and it's like I keep reinforcing like I'm like, I let me just try a piece of pizza again. Yeah, let me just try and piece every damn story. Whereas if I have gluten free something and I limit my gloom like there are a couple of restaurants here I can't eat at because there's something they're using in their food that just doesn't agree. It's either glue in or maybe a high sodium or something that's just not agreeing with my body. And they're relatively

spk_1:   30:41
clear preparing, and you don't know exactly what goes into it, too. I mean, that's a whole nother thing, but that's hardly like allergies like that is. There's responses like that where you may feel it right away. You know, after eating something like dairy is a big one, were usually the response is a little bit more immediate oven intolerance of that. But like something like gluten, many other foods, it could be a delayed reaction. It could be headaches, you know, like the next day can you're that poor sleep that night that lead into something. So it's really hard for people to kind of draw those connection. And the way to do that, I think, is eliminating like you kind of mention what you did with chicken and then re introducing and seeing. But you have to be care careful not to be doing like too many things at once, so that you can actually pinpoint with what the Maru causes. What the source laws. Yeah,

spk_0:   31:25
and that's That's how I pinned it down with the whole gluten thing. I was like it was a study that I read about gluten and lake bloating or something. It was a long time ago. It was when I first started to like when I first got back into the gym and, you know, I was losing way and, you know, really reading up on everything. And I eliminated it for like, two or three weeks. I was like, Holy shit, I feel so much better. You know, I was he included for lost all this crap and I was like, Wow, you know, like all right, something's clicking here. Look, there are times I refuse to believe that mean glue and don't mix. I fucking love pizza e like I love you. I love pasta and I love the real kind of pasta, But hey, like that's the card. I'm drawn. So now I just limit my portions. And it was something that you and Lulu of the functional nutritionist brought up about how it builds up. The toxicity levels will build up in our body over time. So even if we are having small portions of it, that toxicity level will build up. And then I'll have that flare up, so to speak, right the flare. It's not fun duty. Oh, well, it's the

spk_1:   32:28
same thing with like when I talk about the arthritis, you know, that I had in with the sugar consumption. Like if I have a day of eating a lot of sugar like you know, I may not feel it, like right exactly in that moment after eating the sugar, but it again, it's that access. See that builds up, you know, maybe over the course of a couple of days or a week or a weekend of, you know, out binging, and then I definitely feel it after that's That's absolutely on you. Gotta consistency is the biggest key

spk_0:   32:51
to it all. I honestly I I stand 100%. If anyone's going to take anything away from this episode, keep a food journal of how it makes you feel after you eat it. That is such a good point you brought up May cause that's the best way to find out how something is going like how it's working in your body. And if you haven't a disorder with food with like you said earlier, like counting the shit out of your macro, sitting there with scales and stuff like, Do you believe it or not? That's a disorder. You should just

spk_1:   33:20
order anything for sure. And that's something that's just not enjoyable Life. That's a cycle that I was in a long time. I mean, I could remember for years it was always like friends inviting me out or to do something, and it's like, Oh, what can you have now? What diet are you on now, like that was always just kind of Ah, you know, it kind of became like a little joke and stuff after a while, but it doesn't feel good. You condone that point where, like, people don't even joy like going out to eat with me because I'm so restricted in some way, or I'm gonna, you know, like obsessed about this or that. It really sucks the fun of the food being a social and again like going out with people like you. That's one of the things that you just kind of have to wait, like going out and having this meal and maybe indulging a little bit in the family tradition, you know, with the heavy food or whatever, like you're being another connection there. It's not just about the aesthetics of the diet, so I think it's just it's made social life a lot better. It's made things better when you can get away from having to track those. Yeah, pulling out a scale in pulling out measuring cups is definitely a disordered eating pattern on. That's one of things we talked about earlier, too, is just like eating disorders and thinking that like you know. It used to just be identified as anorexia and bulimia, and it goes way beyond that. There's a lot of lot of weight with diet culture being as big as it is now. There's a lot of forms and

spk_0:   34:29
wait here in the fitness industry. You've got a fucking eating disorder, someone, if you're a bodybuilder across bitter power lifter, a strong man all the above from that side of sports, you've probably got some type of disordered eating going on because you're probably counting, like

spk_1:   34:49
probably spiraled me into that because in swimming, I mean in college, especially. Is that your training? 30 hours a week? I really didn't pay attention to what I was eating, but we're just moving in training. So much like I wonder what my performance could have been like had I ate better food.

spk_0:   35:04
Dude, lookit, lookit, lookit, lookit operating like he's the one proponent. He doesn't eat so many vegetables like he won't have night chains. He won't have this, and it's all for performance, but the guy's getting paid, like $40 million a year. So

spk_1:   35:18
exactly right. Yeah, and I at that time, you know, it's like I had a scholarship money coming in. So a little bit of a paycheck dependent on like again, I'm like, Damn, it was I really knew what I was doing. Nutrition wise.

spk_0:   35:28
I would have had so much, uh,

spk_1:   35:32
but transitioning from that lifestyle going into, like, you know, that I graduated and I went into a hospital setting and like, an office job. And he still had a kind of an active job, but a cat, 30 hours a week of weight training and swimming and you go dry land stuff. And I was really hard the pinpoint, you know, the habits of, like, blind my gaining weight When I still work out, I still lift weights, you know, like I understand that I'm not moving as much as before, but the food part was a really hard thing to grip. And that's what just spiraled into, like, 10 years of back and forth on diets and trying to figure out what works, you know, first. And when I got into cross it, at first it was zone, and then it was a Leo, and then it was Paleo Zone, and then it was, you know, Tito and all these things that come about and it's just it's insane. That's We need to just focus more on some of the other habits that kind of sparked a lot of the nutrition cravings. A lot of times comes down to like who? You're surrounded by a lot of the social setting. You know, We talked about this before when we had the diabetes expert on of, you know, diabetes and obesity being, you know, someone with social disease and you look around and everyone around you is in the same boat

spk_0:   36:35
e. I know it

spk_1:   36:36
kind of looks the same. It's like That's where community, I think, is so important as our fitness goes and, you know, going to the gym. And that's one of the benefits of getting out of the house to do some fitness or, you know, joining a group class every once in a while. I think there's some things that are really beneficial that as far as nutrition goes

spk_0:   36:52
been, Look for all those of you out there who, like Listen to this and you're so like, Oh, I still want to do a diet or whatever. If you go vegan, please don't turn into one of those quacks. All right, vegan people go ahead and hate me. Okay, Look, our ancestors did not walk around Just eating leaves. Human evolution would have been impossible if we just survived on leaves, right? And frickin KFC coming out with vegan goddamn chicken. Are you shitting me? Like what the hell is going on? And Burger King with a meatless burger?

spk_1:   37:26
I'm never gonna I'm never gonna shame many. I'm

spk_0:   37:29
not shame. I'm not shaming. I'm just saying,

spk_1:   37:32
I get it, I get it. I think that meat has definitely been demonized and a lot of suspicion and fax it like there's I think it's sustainable, which might be the name we'll have to tag it in the show notes, but she's got a huge campaign going on right now about like, yeah, sustainable dish. Why people are turning against me. You know, all these claims against, like, cattle are you know,

spk_0:   37:53
that's a June thing. All those methane producing,

spk_1:   37:57
all the men. They are like people don't even think it. They think it's more green and friendly to not eat meat. But she's just busting every myth along with that, and she does a really great job of it. that meets at the problem with that. But if somebody like you know, again going back to the food story and if that's something that they choose not to eat for religious reasons, whatever these reasons are like, I'm never gonna shame it. But I think you can still get a good protein amount in. You have to be a little bit more creative. I think it takes a little bit more work. But I think there's a lot of stewed reasons of why people kind of get into it or think that they can. I think there's other food habits that probably need to be addressed. You know, people are meat triggers, need toe, do all these other like bad habits. And I was like I do I don't think that's necessarily the meat. Maybe that's the thing, the other aspects of stress in life. But that's something that's on an individual basis, like in and Lula says this all the time to be the answer is always. It depends

spk_0:   38:45
and t look teach, teach their teach their own. But don't get mad at me If I'm cutting into a steak. Dude, I like my steak.

spk_1:   38:53
Oh, yeah, yeah it goes both ways. You shouldn't be ashamed, for

spk_0:   38:57
It's like if you're gonna come and say, Oh, all the cows and methane or whatever. All right, what about the assholes? Like we live in the most polluted country in the world? Okay, so it's like if you have something fast if I know I know, dude. And if you have something plastic in your house, you are not sustaining the environment. You know what I mean? Like, don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house. And that's just the point that I'm getting out. If you are vegan or vegetarian for religious reasons. Oh, are vory ethical reasons or whatever. That's fine, but I'm just getting It's overly done, like with everything a guy will say. I'm just gonna become vegan so I could lose weight. And that's like, Dude, no, In fact, you'll probably gain more weight becoming a vegan because there's a lot of vegan shit out there that's processed to hell. Paxil. Big punch. And you don't know what's in there like, let's face it, are you really gonna eat something that is meatless but tastes like me? Well,

spk_1:   39:55
I think that's secure. It there's a Neela can't these options that they're coming out with now? These, like laboratory things that are the meatless option. But again, in order to get that consistency, to get the flavor to get, you know everything that you want out of it. It's again. It's designed in a lab that's designed today, Scott. It's designed the GTO And what chemicals and things have gone in there, right? Exactly. Fewer ingredients was always better, but just touching on that. We've talked a lot of calories in and just a touch on the calories out part of it. Like Fitbits and all those little devices, the fuel bands, whatever little device you wear to track things, let's just say account for generally, at least like every day on the low end is probably a 10% air on that

spk_0:   40:36
really was like 25 30. If no 40

spk_1:   40:40
percent of them are gonna say yeah, a lot of across the board. I think it's like a 25 to 30% air.

spk_0:   40:45
It's a tool. It's just

spk_1:   40:47
another thing toe. Think about like you know when you track calories in and calories out like Yes, there has to be a deficit. But I think the best way to account for a deficit is again using the hand measurements. Slow eating some of those habits to go along with it and make sure that you are moving. Picture is something that you enjoy that's, you know, number one again, going back to that mindfulness thing. If you're beating yourself into a workout that you hate, that's definitely gonna show up in some food habits. You know, afterwards, you're probably gonna take that stress out on, you know, a meal, and then that becomes that excuse. Well, I just did this stuff that I hate, so I'm gonna eat all this. So I think just keeping a count, calories and calories out isn't a simple of the numbers that they brought You

spk_0:   41:23
don't say this is my wad meal, all right? Like, I'm so sick of hearing people say, Oh, yeah, I had a strong what? I could go eat Whatever. No, dude, I think that's an eating disorder right there. Like that's disordered eating at its best that I'm going to go crush myself in a workout so I can go now. McDonald's like no,

spk_1:   41:41
right, it doesn't the whole idea around like a cheat meal or around, you know? Yeah. A method like that is I think just again it's a disordered eating pattern.

spk_0:   41:51
Yeah. I mean, I like what you said about having the tracker for movement into track your movement throughout the day because I think like you can still eat 3000 calories. Or you can still eat a small portion of food and not burn anything throughout the day. If you sit behind a desk for 89 10 hours, you know, Yeah, you're not moving, so you're not gonna Your body doesn't need Thio expend any energy. So I think that's a great point that you brought that up and I always try and like, average out 8000 steps a day. And I think the average person, four steps is a good benchmark to start out with. And slowly

spk_1:   42:30
I would say 8 to 10 on the low end for sure.

spk_0:   42:32
I'll take 8 to 10 for, like, guys like me. But if you're just starting out, I'd say start at 4000. Don't set like I agree with what you said earlier. Don't set the goal to high that you can't achieve it set small goals. Been throughout it. Just have someone with

spk_1:   42:47
you. Do four for two weeks, and that's easy. Even build up from there. But give yourself two weeks. Toa kind of settle into a habit like that before tryingto progress on. And you're gonna find that those small little actions piled up just like we talked about the toxicity of Let's say, gluten and your system for sugar in your system after a while again, that will say, the toxicity level of those healthy habits piling up to a big beach in a positive way that you want versus going address sticker out and having to reverse it a few months later. I mean, you can run on a restricted diet for a few months. Sure. I mean, you could do it. I mean, it's cut carbs, sugar, dairy, eat more protein, healthy fats. Not a lot of fruit. Drink more water, train two times a day. I mean, anybody could run with that for a little bit of time, but that's someone starting out. That's not gonna be sustainable in the long term. And oftentimes that's kind of the blanket approached. I get thrown at people.

spk_0:   43:38
You still gotta fix your head. I mean, I still think you need to fix whatever is causing you to either overeat or not move or whatever is you gotta fix that. That's the bigger piece of the puzzle that in the sleep, everything else

spk_1:   43:50
I think it would be cool to dio maybe on another episode. Or if we go through a little exercise that's called it's called Personal Legacy is what I learned it as. It's really interesting and it goes through a lot of those that mindfulness are for that mindset, kind of part of it of what's related to food and your food story. So it's like some good kind of meditation questions that we could kind of run through to give people a better idea of maybe where some of those habits, when things come from in the best way to kind of get their mindset wrapped around making a change doing with small changes doesn't have to be everything within the lifestyle

spk_0:   44:22
again. Why? I need another jock on the show with no, I I gotta give you shit. I gotta give you shit.

spk_1:   44:31
Okay. Me and hail that up.

spk_0:   44:35
Okay, So just kick me right out of it. Don't have the devil that

spk_1:   44:41
we'll definitely keep you in, but we'll probably hazy. Oh,

spk_0:   44:43
well, I I might have a new guest host coming on the show, so

spk_1:   44:47
Yeah. Who's that?

spk_0:   44:48
I can't tell you. It's secret. Okay, It's a surprise. It's a surprise. We're gonna have a show. Probably launching a few weeks with him on there. You will see how Well,

spk_1:   44:58
let's end this episodes. You can tell me

spk_0:   45:02
and everybody if you want to find out who it is D m me or Meg and you'll find out. I think that's it. Yeah, we'll keep it. All right. Thanks, guys. I hope you enjoyed the episode. Inga. Thanks for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed it, please head overto iTunes to subscribe rape and leave a review. You can also find us on Instagram at the project Kuwait. Thank you. And join us next time.