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The Project: Health Wellness and Psychology

Mahdi Al Oun, Meg Guthmiller, Dr.Juliet Dinkha, Haya AlQassar

The Project: Health Wellness and Psychology PodcastWith so much information about health and wellness out there, it is difficult to sift out the real from the fake and the informative from the marketable. At every corner there is an unqualified influencer or individual trying to sell the latest diet or quick fix. This show is not about making you buy something or trying to get you to become someone you are not. We offer real information, from local and regional experts, to help guide you to becoming the best version of yourself. Our hosts, Mahdi, Dr. D, and Meg all tackle an array of different topics. Our fitness episodes talk about programs, coaches, and dismantling the latest trends, while our psychology episodes focus on various mental health issues and coping tools. So, who are we?Mahdi: A real-life average Joe who coaches baseball and fitness. Being in the fitness field for over 20 years, he has seen it all and tried all the fad diets and crazy workouts. Mahdi is known for never having a filter, especially when it comes to influencers and snake-oil salesmen, but his main concern is with providing the average person with the best information to make the best decisions. MegDr. D: An amazing psychologist who teaches at a local university. She is best known on the show for being outspoken and honest. Not only is she very intelligent, but her humor, compassion, and insight set her apart from very peers. Haya: An academic at heart, Haya switched paths to become a competitive powerlifter and personal trainer. After having her son, she wanted to focus on rebuilding strength, and found a love for lifting heavy. Now her goal is to help inspire others to move more and live comfortably, while focusing on ensuring their bodies are moving better and not just looking better. This show is definitely:Gluten-FreeDairy-FreeBS-Free

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