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The Project exists to lead, move, and inspire. We help you create the best years of your health by sharing advice and interviews on well-being with a worldly network of health and wellness experts. Each host and guest comes from wildly different backgrounds giving listeners a well-rounded perspective on the state of the health and wellness industry. Join the conversation as we sift through and simplify the health information that's causing you pain.Meet Mahdi! He's a proud, baseball-obsessed Kuwaiti father that sticks up for the average Joe and likes to stir the pot of the fitness industry. Mahdi's mission is to make a difference for parents from a holistic perspective as a father and husband. He aims to empower people by providing knowledge to help them take control of their lives and not base it on a diet or a machine. Meet Meg! She's a stress terminator building confidence in populations where the message is the opposite. Using movement, mindfulness, and nutrition Meg helps pull possible out of the impossible. Her wellness journey has taken her to more than 20 countries. Her expertise lies in preparing, mobilizing, and strengthening mind – body connections to preserve and enhance health as you age.Meet Haya! Holds a PHD in strength and smarts!Dr. Dinkha is a professor and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has lived and studied in the United States. She has published various professional papers and made presentations at international conferences. Dr. Dinkha’s research focuses on cultural issues as it relates to human behavior and cognitive restructuring. This includes such factors as identity, depression, violence prevention, discrimination, motivation, and satisfaction with students, laborers and domestic workers.

Recent Episodes

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