ذي بروجكت بودكاست في مجال الصحة واللياقة وعلم النفس - The Project: Health Wellness and Psychology.

Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories, 2021 Predictions and Resolutions and the Moves you Should be Taking into Consideration for the New Year

January 01, 2021 Mahdi Al Oun, Meg Guthmiller, Dr.Juliet Dinkha, Haya AlQassar Season 1 Episode 215
ذي بروجكت بودكاست في مجال الصحة واللياقة وعلم النفس - The Project: Health Wellness and Psychology.
Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories, 2021 Predictions and Resolutions and the Moves you Should be Taking into Consideration for the New Year
ذي بروجكت بودكاست في مجال الصحة واللياقة وعلم النفس - The Project: Health Wellness and Psychology.
Covid-19 Conspiracy Theories, 2021 Predictions and Resolutions and the Moves you Should be Taking into Consideration for the New Year
Jan 01, 2021 Season 1 Episode 215
Mahdi Al Oun, Meg Guthmiller, Dr.Juliet Dinkha, Haya AlQassar

In this Episode we talking about 2020 and all the crazy stuff that went down. We also dive into conspiracy theories and what will happen next. Taking the vaccine and what it will mean for all of us!

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In this Episode we talking about 2020 and all the crazy stuff that went down. We also dive into conspiracy theories and what will happen next. Taking the vaccine and what it will mean for all of us!

Support the show (https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl8NPB2H4Mf/?igshid=1m9w8d28oarlu&utm_source=fb_www_attr)


Episode - Conspiracy Theories 2021, predictions and Resolutions...

Fri, 1/1 8:54AM • 58:25


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This is gonna affect a lot of people's anxiety people already anxious. I am opposite of you guys. I say don't Google don't watch too much news. They



will use things I think what's being used right now, right? This whole narrative of for your health and for your safety, it's a way to manipulate to find out who is compliant and who is you know, willing to kind of go along with the flow, they create a big problem and then a government has an answer for it. Right?



Maybe that's why we have COVID-19 this year. And you know what, a lot of the conspiracy theorists say it's a cover up for something that's a lot bigger. Who remembers the year 2000? Remember, like, turn back your clocks and your computers are gonna crash and off. All right, well, you know what my prediction is? All this and more in today's episode. Hey, everybody, welcome to this edition of the project. I'm very excited. 2021 is around the corner. We're going to take you to 2020. Right. I think everybody's happy about that one. And Maggie. I know how much you like my singing, and I prepared a little song for you tonight.



Are you ready?



I would love to hear it. I'm sorry. Eddie.



Are you sure about this? This could get us all thrown in jail. Yes. This is a song about who wrote a man that shit was made by man named Uncle Sam. He's gonna inoculate us all up the ass. Yeah, that was the song right there. I had to bust that up. There's more to it. But like, that was my shower song for the past



week and a lot more than that. Sorry, for.



Everybody knows, I got to give a shout out to Brian Campbell. He had the best post I've seen of 2020 where he said. He said, Meg you saw that post? Right?



Oh, yeah, I



repost it. It was pretty great. Yeah,



he would rather have dr. D, you didn't see this. Now he would rather have Edward Scissorhands trim his nether regions versus taking a gooey vaccine shot. And I was cracking up. Yeah,



talking about vaccine. It's true. I mean, even my students like they're all like, Oh, I'm not sure I don't want to take it. And I'm gonna wait for a year before I take my vaccine. And everybody's like so doubtful about, you know, is this? Did they give it enough effort? Enough time? Do they have enough trial? Because oftentimes, like, vaccination takes a while, you know, for all the testing and re trials and then to have it be effective. So are you guys gonna take the vaccination



mags anti vaccine? I'm



assuming there's no way in hell, I'm taking that vaccine. There's no way to add



to that. Yeah.



Now, I have a lot of thoughts on vaccine. I don't know how deep we want to go into this. But with the COVID vaccine, I'll say they're they rolled it out in Britain, right and to medical professionals, like at right after had severe anaphylaxis after the vaccine. So now the authorities are warning people that people who have allergies shouldn't get the vaccine. Well, how many people in the world have allergies?



Oh, well, any type of allergy, right?



I haven't read through the through the document yet. But they had severe anaphylaxis after the vaccine. So that's concerning. Also, the 90 I think Brisbane has scrapped it as well, they're not going to be pushing the vaccine out just because of all the issues with the safety trials, but also of the trial that they did that 94 95% success rate that they say so it's actually out of only like 95 participants in that study. It's a very small study and none of them had underlying conditions and things like that. So it's they skipped a lot of portions of the of the trial. So I think we're like we're the human trial where the experiment and I'm not cool with that. So I will wait, I won't say I'm antivax like if there's one that works. Yeah, I'd be open to it. But I don't think that this is it.



I know the Ministry of Health here is asking people to register so people your



own jacked anything. You just got to go to oxygen gym man. Like I mean, realistically, but I mean, look, from my perspective, I think the vaccine was created and done along with the virus like five years ago, so I think all that shit was already planted in place. Look at you. You're a conspiracy theorist. I'm honestly like, I stay anti conspiracy, anti political, all that shit for a reason. Yeah, but in reality, I truly think that whatever is out there could be safe. Will I take it right away? No, I'm not gonna be the first one in line now. Oh, no. Yeah, like, try it on the first 150 200,000 people like what they did with polio in the 1950s I think or the 1940s before they actually rolled it out. It was polio. Not 100% sure listeners Don't kill me on this, but they rolled it out and they gave it to 20,000 people and I think out of the 20,000 2000 kids get severely sick and 150 die 200 You know, we're paralyzed and like some crazy shit happened. They pulled it back off and I mean That happened in a short timeframe. So if you wait six to seven months in, you let all the people that are like out of the yuppies that are all like standing in lines to take the vaccines and the ones who are like all, you know crazy about it, what I'm taking First, let them be the guinea pigs. You know, just like for me, as I told my mother, I was like, wait, yeah, you know, I have a cousin who's a doctor, he said, I'm waiting at least six or seven months, let people get vaccinated first, and, you know, let them be the guinea pigs. I want to wait it out. And if it comes out, and it's 100% safe, I will take you know, I will let my son take it. Yeah. But if not, and the government saying hey, if you want your kid to go to school, he has to take this vaccine. That's where I'm going to have a serious problem. I looked and I'm like, Look, Yeah, dude, like, I mean, inject me before you inject My child, you know, inject the adults, like don't inject my kid now, because they haven't tried it on kids. There's a 16 year old, like, it's the age limit is 16 for trials, human trials. Yeah, so the age limit is 16. We do not know how this will affect younger kids. And that's where my problem comes in. Because third world countries like Kuwait in the Middle East, they are gonna say, aren't all kids have to get injected? They're gonna go overboard, like everything around here. And, you know, I don't want my kid being a test subject. Yeah, it's on, you know, like, even if it is 100% safe, we still don't know which children. So you know, I'm on the fence, maybe six, seven months, maybe a year. But then in 10 years, if we started it longer did I give it six or seven months, if you know, like 2 million people are injected, and out of the 2 million you get like a 0.5% that show serious side effects or something, then for the most part, it's safe. I mean, all vaccines,



those are the same odds with COVID. Anyway, you have 99.7% of survival for our age group Anyway, you have like a point 03 chance of dying from it.



I don't know. The fence without wondered like, I don't want to get sick. Look into it. Look into it. Yeah. But Meg, look into all the athletes right now that are coming down with this heart condition that no one's figured out and water Rodriguez from the Boston Red Sox, he had COVID. And he still isn't cleared to go to the gym because he has an enlarged heart because of COVID.



No, actually, I have. I have another friend that had the same thing had COVID means my age. So it's much, you know, we're much older than you guys. But the idea is the same thing. He had COVID he was hospitalized and now he's having a problem with his heart and his so I think that the idea is, is that too, even if he is I mean, I feel like it's maybe maybe it is affecting younger people. And it's not as much as we thought that it's not gonna Well, what about that other young doctor had, they had an interview with him the other day where he was a doctor and got and he was 34. He is 34. And it's taken him a while



but forget that I mess it around with biochemical warfare. biochemical warfare. Yeah, like, I don't care, dude. Like, I don't want to get that shit. I think I had it in February. And I swear to God, I'm pretty sure I had it. And if I can get the test to find out because I'm dying to know, I still don't have my lungs yet back. Yeah, my lung capacity is nowhere near where it was last January. And I felt it real bad in April and you know, workouts and the CrossFit, you feel it. And one of my buddies who's a crossfitter, he got it. He called me He's like, you know, I heard you said that. You had it a couple times on the show, or you think you had it, you know, how's the recovery? And I said, Dude, honestly, I remember from March to May, I felt like I just had something on my chest. And it took a while for that to go even till today. There are times where I can't gasp a full breath. And it's getting better. It's definitely getting better. But I'm pretty sure it was COVID.



And actually, a lot of people are reporting the same thing is is that they taken them a while for them to feel the same again with their breathing and their energy energies. Another thing, you get several students that did have it, it actually lists You know,



there were 22 I had it in March.



And they're like, you know, they're saying the same thing and taking them away. But you didn't have it that bad though.



I had for eight days. I lost my taste side, eight out of the 10 symptoms of it. Oh, really?



Did you get it? Yeah,



but did you bounce back fine, though, right? I mean, here's an email dude. It was a woman that created it. Okay, a woman created it. It was a woman that created COVID All right, to kill off all the men so you guys can have world domination.



Oh my god, there's so much into conspiracy theories today. Well,



I'll go with that. I've



been watching Netflix way too much.



Our entire town was hit really, really hard. It's a tourist destination in March and we were hit really, really hard. So I know that almost everybody here that's had it. And I know a lot of people have full recovery now people in their 80s that have had full recoveries and have some that still have like the taste and the smell takes a while to come back. But I think it's like the biggest concerning thing for me is like the the whole narrative around it, right? It's like they don't tell you how to be healthy. It's put a mask on stay away from people and they try to trick you into thinking that that's your immune system, but they're not telling you what zinc and vitamin C and vitamin D and all these things can do for your immunity and how to actually help yourself, recover and fight from You know what food and nutrition like? Why would McDonald's and liquor stores be able to stay open but gyms have to close? What sense does that make? Right? Well, it these are the things the question



but I have to say gyms all right and I've gone to gyms and I've recently been going to gyms and you know not working out but doing some classes here and there and I follow the rules. I wear a mask I do social distancing. But these gyms, they don't follow the rules. There was no social distancing. I'm sure they don't follow any of the rules. And I can imagine in the United States, it might be different in Europe and might be different. But here like some gyms are falling with the boxes and everything but other gyms, there's no social distancing whatsoever. And it's ridiculous.



I was laughing because just like last week, I was going to the salon where I usually go and there's a gym right across the street. I won't say your name. And Lars says with me, right? So I can't find parking. So I have to use their parking in a way everyone uses their parking and larsa my daughter's like, Mom, this place is so packed. How are they doing social distancing. This is a 10 year old. She could tell from the number of the cars the number of the guys that were going into this gym. She's wondering how can they be really adhering to these guidelines? It's like it looks crowded to me mom. So I don't know what's happening out there. Like I don't know. I hope some they're wearing masks at least. But they are You're right. I mean it's crowded. You could tell like it's crowded. I'm sure that a lot of people feel uncomfortable working out with their with their mask on. And you know, and it's like the biggest spreader is that isn't it the agenda they're saying that it's a biggest spreader because no one's cleaning. I you know, I was like the idea in the US like the gym, you're supposed to clean after yourself. You just send this, you know, sanitized things here. I don't know, do they?



Doctor, do you want me to get mad going real, real fat? mega fire right now. So recently, a few weeks ago, we had the Kuwaiti elections. We had 32 newly elected officials 60 in the same room, taking pictures, and only one was wearing a fucking mask. Was it one guy was wearing a mask out of the 32 officials that we have that were newly elected when they were all supposed to be wearing masks and social distancing? And none of them were and may you have a couple of governors over in the United States who were supposed to be socially distancing. I think there were a couple fuck all.



over it doesn't affect government officials. And you know that that's very smart virus. It doesn't come out after 10pm that's all you have to lock down at 10pm



Hey, Rudy Giuliani said he got special treatment.



It did because he's famous.



Does it



get you if you're standing up right you can walk into a restaurant standing up it doesn't get you but when you sit down you're okay so you can take your mask off it's ridiculous but yeah, the Texas there was a mirror governor I forget who he was but he was on vacation in Mexico and told everybody that they need to stay at home that they can't leave. We got Yeah, California The worst where he's out to eat and restaurants no mass, no distancing but not letting people even go out and ride their bikes or go for walks. They arrested a woman who was out in the middle of the ocean on a paddleboard for being Oh my god, really. And he can go out to a dinner with 12 people indoors no problem whatsoever. Party there was another another officiant maybe she was a senator here, seven and a half Nancy party, all of them go get their hair done. They go travel but they tell everybody else what they have to do. So it's and none of these people here's the other thing, too is like none of these people have missed a paycheck during this entire time. Right. But they're telling people to stay home businesses to shut down and they're not offering any assistance. At least you have other countries that pay anywhere from 75% to you know 100% of at least staffing costs, you know, paying salaries for their employees and things and us is offering absolutely no assistance, crushing small businesses and killing them. It's but not the people making these rules right? Or they haven't missed a single paycheck. It rules for the and not for me. Sally goes so do you believe in the New World Order Meg?



I do. Yeah,



I do. Let's I want to hear this. Okay, I do I never dive down the fucking rabbit hole of conspiracy theories and politics and all that bullshit. So mag Give me the version of the New World Order. dr. D? Are you cool with the New World Order?



I wait for mag like you guy like it up? I just go ahead veg?



Do world order my minor is like a new installation of government. Basically, it's a one world government of what the agenda and the goal is they will use things I think what's being used right now. Right? This whole narrative of for your health and for your safety. It's a way to manipulate to find out who is compliant and who is you know, willing to kind of go along with the flow. They created a big problem. They This is how the New World Order works, right? They create a big problem and then the government has an answer for it. Right? So if you look at what's happening, like they've created this big problem with COVID. Okay, and the government, what are they going to do that? Oh, we'll give you an unemployment check. So a lot of people actually on unemployment right now they're making more money on unemployment than they did at their actual job. So now tell me where's the incentive for somebody to actually go back To work, right? So it starts with these things like, oh, we're gonna, you know, take care of this and all these, you know, talks of like health care and all these things that they're going to help provide to people, right gets you dependent on the government. And then what happens, I mean, creates a great example like what happened with health care what happened with schooling? Right, right. private health care and why do people go to private schooling? When the government can control of it? It turns to absolute shit.



I wouldn't say government though. I would go and big business big business people. I mean, I would especially



right the big business thriving right now. Oh, yeah. 100%. Yeah, big tech and big business. Yeah, who's driving around or you look at the wealth that is what's happening as a transfer of wealth right? crush all the small businesses, right? Get people dependent on the government. And now we can create this one world government and control the people and they continue to get richer.



Well, I want to dive down with you a little bit and I want to say the reason why gyms are getting crushed so badly and all this shit is because fucking Healthy People aren't relying on Big Pharma and the health care system in the more healthy people you have walking around. They don't need all these medicines. They don't need frickin what's that big? The big one for cholesterol. What's that shit called? fattens satin stat. Yes. And we were talking and he was like, yeah, you know, the United States, they upped the cholesterol limit for people now. And I was like, yeah, no shit, because you need cholesterol, especially as a man, right? You know, they've correlated higher testosterone levels with higher cholesterol. So back to what Meg was saying, if you have a bunch of healthy people walking around, that go to the gym or workout or you know, are staying healthy and taking care of themselves, Big Pharma loses the most, because you can't



profit off of healthy people. Exactly,






They want repeat customers. That's why they get you sick with the food quality, the air quality, you know, all that and they create repeat customers. Why do you think obesity and and that's the other thing, too, is like people are actually becoming more conscious of how they're eating and how they're moving. Right fitness has taken off and has improved, compared to maybe like 30 years ago,



but people are still getting sicker. But don't you think that if they've created this COVID-19 as a big problem, so that way we could be dependent on the government? Well, then, you know, don't you think that this has made people more conscious about how to, you know, improve their immune system? They are there's a lot of people to nobody's talking about that. But I think it doesn't matter if they're not talking about it. I do feel like a lot more people are worried about their immune system. I mean, you know, younger people are working out,



but the majority have gained weight throughout the lockdown



depression. Yeah, the



depression anxiety is because of the lockdown and depression anxieties, because, you know, we're here at least, we're a collectivist society. And we feel like we've been isolated by, you know, family and friends, and whatever.



Another way to control people is isolate them and instill fear, you know, maybe



I'm not into these conspiracy theory, the ideas is that if there is a pandemic, and we have to be able to take care of our people, I mean, there is no other choice. So if we let them all loose, and go out there, and then they all get sick, and then it will be the problem of the government because the government didn't do enough to protect us. And then when we try to apply rules and say, Look, why don't you just social distance where our masks not a lot to social distance and where I'm at, be with, I mean, with you guys, they even saying you can have a gathering of like 10 people or do your bubble? And they're like, Oh, this is the government controlling us? And what's the answer, then, you know, to me, I feel like I feel one of the things that they did here in the way that the government or the Ministry of Health really implemented rules. Regardless, people liked or didn't like it, they followed and I felt like that helped us out a lot. And now people can be back to work, instead of having a second wave where we have to stay home,



or it's coming. It's coming. Like I think it's biochemical. I want to make it very clear that I believe that this is biochemical, because it attacks everybody differently. Yeah. And in the United States, they're finding people losing their hearing their eyesight, what the hell, have you ever seen a virus that like it's got to be biochemical and attack certain Geno types and



how do you know it's a virus or is it because they already had a pre existing that's



true, that could be a good point, and the virus might have like, bumped it up?



Right? I think it's like it's the same thing as you know, you have a little anxiety and then you take some medication and you have side effects of the medication that can make you depressed.



Have you seen Gatica?



I haven't know Meg. Have



you seen Gatica?



I don't think so.



You guys haven't seen Gatica? Holy shit? No. It's like the greatest movie.



We have a life Mandy we don't have time to watch TV.



I have a like I saw like years ago right? Yeah.



Ethan Hawke?



I think so. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know actors. But basically everyone was genetically modified and genetically created to be like the perfect specimen and he wasn't so he had to pretend that he was and you know, he stole someone's DNA and whatever whatever. And I think whatever this biochemical whatever it is, they released it attack certain ketones in different people's bodies and I'm diving deep into my conspiracy here and I never really talked about this. I so I think it it goes deep into people's genomes, and it really does kind of attack those people that have like sleeping jeans that, you know, I don't know. I mean, that's just my theory. Because the way some people are getting sick and some of the things that I'm reading, I'm like Jesus Christ. And, you know, my cousin's a doctor at Mubarak hospital, you know, hospital here in Kuwait. And you know, he said, like, our ICU is pretty much full. Our hospital beds are full. He was like some people.



That's I think that's unfair. I mean, it's unfair, man, I understand that you're saying that the government is controlling us, and they given us all these rules. But then if you could get sick, don't go to the hospital and bombard all these health care providers, because you need an ICU bed, or you need to be taken care of, because you didn't protect yourself. And now, you know, the doctors and the nurses have to take care of you because you have COVID-19. Like, I don't think it's fair. So because I have a lot of people, to me, I have a lot of my friends are doctors, and they're overwhelmed. And they were overwhelmed through that seven months while we sit at home, you know, people sit at home because they were quarantine and the doctors were working. No one got a break. I feel like it's a continuing of this year. So yes, I can't wait till this year is over. But but it's not fair. Like I feel like it's not fair. You follow rules? Don't go, okay. You don't want to follow rules that why should I be? Why should I as a doctor have to take care of you, I want to understand that you didn't follow the rules, you feel like you don't want to be controlled by the government, you want to do what you want to do stay home, don't come to the hospital.



Well, here's what's interesting about a couple of things that you mentioned. So most actually, there's a study that came out by the CDC recently, and 70% of the people that were coming in are having issues with COVID. And seeking treatment, 70% of those people were wearing their masks regularly. So there's very little proof that people not wearing the masks are the ones that are actually like spreading it and causing the spikes. So that's one thing, but also for hospitals, I'll speak to my state specifically, I don't know what's happening in Kuwait. But in my state, specifically, there's a couple of different models, risk models that they use to judge that capacity. So capacity, like I don't doubt that hospitals are overwhelmed. I talk to hospital officials throughout the state. And they are but what they're seeing is typical peak flu season, people coming in, they're also seeing a lot of people that have put off coming to the hospital for so long for routine things and things that they needed to have done because they were so scared of COVID to come in. So now those people have waited till the last minute. And now they're being admitted for extra things. You have elective surgeries, we also have a for profit healthcare system that runs in the United States. So most hospitals are always running at high capacity, or near past the ICU are almost always full. So some of the people that are freaking out, a lot of them are are newer on to the job. Maybe they haven't experienced this quite yet. But also they're having Yeah, I don't doubt that they're overwhelmed that they have people coming in panicking and freaking out, like, Oh, my God, I have shortness of breath, I think I have COVID, when really, it could just be an anxiety attack, you know, and all these other things that are going on. But how our risk model is actually calculated is there's a couple of ways that they're doing it. So some hospitals have allocated a certain number of beds for COVID patients. So it's not total beds available in the hospital. So my hospital in particular has allocated seven beds, seven beds for COVID. Okay, so if I have three people in there, now we're in the orange level, the high risk, right moderate capacity, it's looking like we're hospitals are overwhelmed. But that's three of the seven beds that are actually occupied for COVID. Because they've only allocated seven beds for COVID. other hospitals are basing it off of staffing capacity. So it's not off of actual beds available, it's off of staffing. Well, why is staffing low, you have a lot of moms that have kids to take care of because they can't go to school, and they can't go to daycare. So they've got people that are on leave, they've had to furlough people, right? So your capacity is low for those reasons as well. So people need to look into how their what the risk model is that they're using in their area and what they're basing it off of. It's not the same ever. And I can say that's a generalized view of what's happening all over. I know, specifically, that's what's happening in my state. And that's not the full picture. And it's instilling a lot of fear in people that the hospitals are alumni of people at the hospitals saying it's typical flu season. We're not overwhelmed. We only have seven beds allocated.



But all these doctors that come out on TV, then I'm saying that forget



about the doctors on TV. I'm talking personal experience of doctors and nurses that I know in Kuwait and the United States and in Europe. Me too. And the ones I know in Kuwait, you know, our numbers are pretty low right now, you know, and hopefully they'll stay low. And they said they're still full in the hospitals. He was like, yeah, we're full us like we're at full capacity. Definitely all of our beds are being devoted to COVID-19 job or hospital was full. Yeah, this was like three or four weeks ago, a bunch of other hospitals and in Massachusetts, you know, and Worcester mass, they're popping up field hospitals, and I have a friend who works in Mass General, and she told me she was like, Look, people think this is a joke, but it's not this is attacking the elderly the most and this is attacking people that are you know, 40 Plus, and we are absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of people who are sick and this is like actual, you know, she's on the ground there. Like you get mixed reviews and I'm not gonna say you're wrong. I'm not gonna say they're wrong, but you get mixed reviews and my personal opinion is I will not take the risk. I go out I double mask, you know, I'm going to a crowded place, I'm wearing two masks, you know, I got my sanitizer, everything, I don't want to get sick, you know, I don't want my kid getting sick. And if this is biological and biochemical, I definitely don't want this shit. And it's not worth it, you know, it's not worth giving it to my mother,



I know. But if wearing a mask is not gonna protect you, why are you doubling now



I'm gonna do it anyways, I don't care, I'll take every precaution. But I'll take every precaution. It's like make said with the zinc I take. I take all that.



No, I mean to I take my vitamins, I take my zinc, I take my vitamin C, I make everybody at home, take it, I do whatever I can, but I'm not gonna go out and not wear a mask or to go protest and say, well, the government can't tell me what to do. I mean, obviously, in the US they can we can like, you know, here, while the government can't tell me what to do. And then suddenly you're like, you have all these symptoms, if it's COVID, if it's flu, if it's whatever, then you have to be, you know, burden on the health care system. And the health care providers. I don't know maybe because like I said, I see it differently. I feel like if you don't want to go into the hospital and take care of yourself, why protest and say I don't want to do that. That's



the point, right? That's the key right there. If you don't want to go to the hospital, just take care of it. Just agree, just take care of yourself. That's the most important thing. And if you're living a healthy lifestyle,



I think also there's health freedom in that and I think people get to choose what is that? Right, like people can choose to go to a chiropractor or a physical therapist or an acupuncturist or right, we can choose all these different modalities that we want to do for our health. So I think the same applies here that but people take care of their health the way that they see fit. If you're that afraid of it, then, you know, do I think the same thing goes for, you know, businesses as well, I think they slapping this horizontal, one size fits all rule on businesses, when there's different risk levels involved at different types of businesses, I don't think is right, I think they need to let the business owners take responsibility and say, we know the risks, here's what we're putting in place because you know, we believe this is what's gonna help our clients, our business, and whatever, and people will go where they feel safe. And then people are gonna go and you know, spend their money wherever they feel safe. And if you don't feel safe, or if you're sick, then you stay at home and you take care of yourself.



Yeah, everyone has the freedom. And I



think with mental health look, with mental health, we say the same thing you don't want to I mean, besides that, if you especially if you're genetically, you know already inclined to have depression, we try to teach people to, to be able to work out eat healthy, or minimize your stress level. For example, we teach people these kind of tools, so that way if they don't want to become depressed, and they're not going to become depressed if they can take care of themselves mental health, so it's the same thing with you don't want to get COVID so you need to do the certain things. It's not guaranteed I understand but do these certain things just so that way you're protected and you don't have to worry about getting it that's it. I mean, we do it with any cholesterol we do it with high blood pressure. We do it with all these medical problems we say if you have cholesterol, change your diet, if you're diabetic, you have to take you know medication like we do it it's not I don't know why with COVID everyone's like no I'm not good. It's just imagine a mask and social distancing. And I having big parties just imagine these are the medication that they're giving you for COVID just the same as like I say, you should take medication for depression. I don't see a difference. To me I feel like we



all kind of agree on one point that just take care of yourself eat right sleep, right. Yeah, you know, all that stuff. And you know, you have nothing to worry about at the end of the day if you take the right precautions in your everyday life.



Yeah, I think it's been politicized and I think that the whole you know, part of it creating this confusion, right? There's different studies here different doctors, you got doctors on one side doctors on the other side, we'll get into you know, mainstream media definitely has one narrative that they want to get into. And even in mainstream media, you can pick which ideology, you know, service, you want to go to and Liggett in your echo chamber. And you know, again, they haven't I think they want to create mass confusion and not understanding what this is. And there's there's studies coming out all over and the the fact that their stuffs being censored along with it that is concerning to me. And so I think just yeah, to your point, Maddie, I think research, don't be afraid to look at other sides. But most importantly, they look at how to be healthy. That's something that you can't depend on anybody else for that is your responsibility. And no Echo, vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. Those are the things that they have found to be the most effective and a lot of the treatments and people recovering. So make sure you're up on that. Whether you're getting it through your food, or you have to supplement with it again,



everybody don't think if you pop a vitamin C pill, you'll be okay. No do everything else. It's like do everything. Like you can't just expect to do one thing and not do the other things like sleep movement, right? Exercise nutrition. It's like someone told me Oh, if I do this, and I'm gonna lose weight. I was like, No, dude, you got to do a lot of other things. You know, you can't just do one thing. All the other shit isn't in place. Yeah, but you have



people are they just wants to think like you were saying that this person saying to you, I want to know. There's no magic pill though. There is no magic



pill, but



people is I mean, I don't even hear like I mean here. Mainly, I've seen it where people like in a hurry, right? Well, what can I do? So they have to take a shot of vitamin C like it's like, Okay, well, there's a lot of other things. The same thing with depression. They're just taking medication. And that's it. Then I want to talk about the problem. They want to know how they got where they got, like you were saying with that guy. Like, you know, he wants to get these apps? Well.



Yeah, it's a magic. Yeah. It's like my mother, my mother goes, Oh, you know, I'm taking black seed powder or black seed oil every day. And you know, it's it's supposed to make you really healthy and live longer. I'm like, you want to do that you just move more. You know, you just do all the other things that no one wants to do. You just do those incorporate these little things into your life, and things will get better for you. And I think that's a great segue into 2021 everybody, and we should go with productions. All right. I think this is gonna be a fun one. What's go first?



Well, it's funny. everybody's like, 2020 has been a rough year. And everybody's like, Oh, I just can't remember this year to be over to be 2021 my prediction is that not shit is gonna change. You're gonna be dealing with this stuff in 2021. We're exactly a lot like there's no magic pill. Speaking of that, that happens January 1, that's us.



Everybody, everybody's,



like tricking yourself that like you're setting yourself up for a big disappointment in January. If you think that 2021 has a magic answer. There was a meme I saw this morning. And it's like a guy like jumping up in the air. You know, excited, like 2020 is over. And then there's a dog that's jumping and about to bite him right in the nuts. Like, that's pretty accurate. Like, I feel like that's how everybody is right now. They don't, they don't know what's coming.



That's true. Because everyone's like, I can't wait till New Year's I just want to go to I want to say 2021. Right. I was thinking, what is just gonna be a continuing. I don't think that like COVID-19 will stop or anything else will. I think it's gonna take a while we're not going to get this vaccination. I think next year, we're just used to what is happening right now. I don't think that hopefully there's nothing new. I think we'll just become accustomed to their way of life. And let's hope that but you're right. I think people don't have the idea. Like, hello, things are not going anywhere. I think we have a rude awakening.



Who remembers the year 2000? Remember, like turn back your clocks and your computers are gonna crash? y2k all that shit? Yeah. All right. Well, you know what my prediction is? Fucking aliens, dude. All right. I think it's gonna get a hell of a lot worse in 2021 I think we're gonna have some Alien Encounters or some crazy I've been watching a lot of Netflix. Yeah, like how big space actually is and how much stuff is out there. And these weird silver things that are popping up around the globe? And yeah, this is kind of like some of those movies I saw in the 90s. And like, Yeah, I don't think it's gonna change



they already set the stage for it by meeting that they had UFOs and labs remember Bob lazaar who had talked all about the technology and the spaceships and things that he had seen in area 51 and he was actually you know, for years they like attacked him Yeah, for speaking out about this stuff. They completely did terrible things to him and finally this year, he was vindicated and they said Yeah, we got some technology. We haven't got the full story but they're like yeah, we got the shifts we got the things right and just very covertly kind of slipped it under the rug there for some people but



maybe that's why we have COVID-19 this year setting the stage for it man, dude, maybe that's why we've had COVID-19 maybe there and you know what a lot of the conspiracy theorists say it's a cover up for something that's a lot bigger Okay, so don't you like what I do conspiracy shit because I stir the bucket fire I know what I'm doing



this is gonna affect a lot of people's anxiety people already anxious and



I welcome the sons of bitches



I think that these kind of stage I think we need to be I think it's not it goes for people



it goes back to personal responsibility they got to do some research and they find the truth of what they what they believe there's a million different truths out there and people need to research and and need to see what suits them and I say the opposite to my because remember I work with individuals that are struggling



I am opposite of you guys. I say don't Google don't watch too much news. You do



have to censor yourself. Yeah, isn't



there censorship, but then there's research you got to do some research into



they cannot do research they're already having panic attack. We're very very busy. This 2020 has overwhelmed me and you



love the psychological perspective by a doctor, he's like, Whoa, cool the Jets guys. Remember, I



have to look at it from a different perspective. They cannot be they cannot introduce themselves to information that they don't have any control over. So what's the sense of them doing research and learning that maybe 2021 is going to be worse with alien have a biochemical I mean, I'm actually just listening alien aliens. You know what's going to happen to my clients and to people that are struggling with mental illnesses. This is really really gonna make them more anxious, more panic attack, more depression, more isolation. No, I tell people that I work with you don't need to look at that much media. You don't need to look at these research is not You know, control, let's just deal with it one day at a time. So I'm very different from you guys. I would never,



I don't disagree with that. I think that absolutely people need to, you need to know your limits and protect yourself. And I think that there is censoring of that. And I think that if you are prone to, like, I know, when there's, you know, a lot of the stuff coming out about, you know, like child trafficking was a big topic this year, as well, and human trafficking in general, around the world. And I know, like, there's just some of that stuff I had I like, it's not that I don't care about it, and that I don't want to help protect and understand those things. But I can get into some pretty dark places if I consume, consume, consume. And so you have to be very careful of who you follow what you watch, and how often you're exposing yourself to those things. There's many nights where I did not sleep at all, because I just could not get some of these stories and things out of my head. And finally, I just had to say like, that's not my area where I go into so I 100% agree with that if you have to like censor yourself, but I think there's a point also of being informed. I think that I was very uninformed on a lot of things, especially like local governmental sectors, specifically, I didn't realize how much is really happening at those levels that is impacting what's going on right now. And what control there is there and stuff. So it's like, I have to research a little bit, I have to know what's up with some of these things, because I want to help protect small businesses, but that's where my passion lies. And that's where I you know, want to be informed with. So I think there's definitely you have to know, know your boundaries and know your limits. But mainstream media is like, that's just a that's a deathtrap



feels it. I feel like when you're vulnerable, and you're looking for answers, and then when you start to Yeah, yourself, you're bored, you're sitting at home, you haven't been back to work. And you're just like watching I mean, I could see it happens to me, like you didn't watch one, you know, one used then to the next news and the next YouTube like, I mean, I've never been into politics until like, recently. And that's terrible. And if I am the person who's supposed to be an expert in these things, I started to get addicted to this junk. I can only imagine people that I work with and the vulnerability and that fear that they're constantly living and I don't want them to watch anything. No, it's okay. Stay in your bubble right now. Work on your anxiety, and then we'll deal with other stuff. So I'm very glad



anyone does veer out of their bubble, watch fox and CNN take whatever they say, throw it out the window, go to the guy down the street, and just ask you what the News is. Because both those news channels I swear to God, I love it. I turn on CNN. I turn on Fox, it's the complete opposite



clown show. It's an app.



They're bashing on these guys. That's all it is. Yeah,



it's not journalism. It's not news. So I never watch those.



I don't watch any news anymore. I don't read the news.



All opinion.



And it gives them viewer it's crazy when they're trying. Yeah, so they're giving money.



dr. D, you're right. Some people get over consumed with this stuff. And it truly depresses them changes their complete state of mind. And man, I like what you're saying. Because you do have to stay informed. And I try to that's why when I do look at news, like I'll look at it from different sources. That's not mainstream. Yeah, I try to look at, you know, some of the small and pop blogs, the small mom and pop blogs that pop up that are resourceful, they seem legitimate. And there's an unbiased opinion towards whatever point of view the news is going on. And plus, they have like fluffy shit too, which I like to be honest with you.



That's what's so hard right now, though, right? So it's like, we get this illusion of choice, right? So there's like tons of media channels and news channels and things. You can go to tons of websites and things that you can go to. And there's literally there's six companies, six people that control all of media, whether it's news, TV, movies, print, there's only six people controls, you can look this up. That's true. Yes, people can tell. So they give you this illusion of choice, right? It's the same thing with our food industries, right? You have all these candy bars and all these, you know, like options for food. And it's very few actual big corporations that are in charge of that. So you get this illusion of choice, but you're really getting the same message all through it. And then the problem is with it, you know, some of these blogs and things that you're talking about Maddie, as you find information, it makes sense and it resonates with you and you feel like it's legitimate, and you want to like share it with somebody or tag somebody in there. Like it's not real. It's not mainstream, right? Like cnn says it's not true. Yeah, you know, so it's so hard right now it's in the things being censored and hidden. It's just a nightmare. It's hard.



My advice to people just you know, read what you can make sure that if your information is comes from the right sources, I don't think you should read a lot go exercise eat right journal, dump all your you know, all your negative thoughts in a journal a and you know, go on with your life go work, if you have to work, do something with yourself have a purpose? I mean, that's my thing. 2021 people need to have a purpose. That's



a good call. Yeah, that's a good one.



My purpose is not really to figure out is COVID real or not, if I know that's not my job. My job is if I have to wear a mask, I wear my purpose in life. It's not really to follow what the government wants. And so I think this is my advice, where people have a purpose. I



like that. I want to introduce the and you've probably heard of this The urgent and important matrix. Have you ever heard that? Yeah, so like the urgent and important stuff, right? That's and this fits in with, you know, making new year's resolutions and things as well, our goals, but like that urgent, important stuff, right? Like that, that's life, this is the stuff that you have very little control over. It's like everyone in the house gets sick at the same time or your kid gets sick. And now you can't sleep, you know, a family member dealing with the illness, and you got to spend more time visiting with them. It's Christmas Eve, you know, long weekend, it's getting stressed and your back starts to hurt, right? Like, this is just life stuff that we have very, very little control over. Or as you're, you know, about to head out for your workout, maybe and then like the toilet overflows, right? Like stuff that I can't really control. And then you've got this urgent quadrant of stuff that's like interruptions that take some of our immediate attention, but it's usually to help someone else right. So I when I think of this, I think of like emails, right, like, urgent demand, like respond and do something. But like, it's usually for someone else's gain, and not specifically for mine. And then the important quadrant, I think that's the one to focus on the one that you're talking about with like finding purpose. Like that's quality, right? Like, this is the stuff in your life that leads directly to like the achievement of a short or long term goal. Like if you did these things like this would drastically improve the quality of your life. And then I think what we've really hit hard today is a non urgent not important quadrant of that, which is like distractions and time sucks, which would be like, the social media, the Netflix, you know, like, all that kind of stuff.



You know, Netflix is the shitter, right? I like my Netflix,



I'm just getting like this shit. No, no,



I'm just getting back into Netflix. All right, I'm just getting back into, like, I'm watching an alien show right now. And I'm enjoying it wasted time. It's not a waste of time. But no, this is a show that talks about evolution, the evolution of like our species, humans, animals, insects, and what it would look like on other planets that are billions of billions of light years away, how can you say that sort of good show? That's awesome.



What's urgent, what's important? Where should your attention really be going? And it's that important quadrant? You know, they're talking about finding that purpose, like, what are the things that I can be directing my attention to that's gonna improve my life?



And I think sometimes distractions. I mean, you know, and that's true. And I think sometimes distractions are important, because it can take our mind away, and we can, like, you know, be in a bubble. But you know, Mike is right, I think we should identify, you know, more people are spending time with the distractions, then really trying to find a purpose, which is, well, it's important for themselves, so we can minimize the distractions on purpose, I think it's good.



Look at all honestly, like, for me, my purpose is close to home. That's my kid, you know, like, I think that's my main purpose. And I mean, dr. D, you've always known me, you've known me for the past 15 years, I've always, you know, complained about my dad. And I've always wanted to be a dad. And I felt my purpose in life was to try and be the best father that I could be. And this is so bad to say, but I'm happy COVID happened, I would never have this time with DJ, I would not have the time that I've had to spend with him over the last six or seven months. And I think me and him have created this bond. And we have come together. So well. During this time. Granted, yes, we get on each other's nerves and everything. But my son looked at me today. And he just goes, I just want to say I love you, Daddy, that to me like it, my heart melted in like, awesome. You don't see that, especially with, you know, with boys. And I'm not trying to be sexist, but you don't see that often. And if instead of wasting your time with the news, or whatever else when you're in lockdown, or when you're in quarantine, or whatever the hell's going on, spend it with the people that are closer to you and form a meaningful relationship and find purpose in that relationship so that when COVID is over, they can look back at this time, and I know DJ, I hope he looks back and says, Oh, COVID-19 Yeah, I remember that we move to wafra. You know, my dad was with me every day. And you know, it was Yeah, it sucked. I didn't have a lot of friends to play with. But I had my dad, I had my mom all the time. And you know, and it wasn't a really bad experience. It was a shitty point in time, but some of the experiences were really good. And that overshadows you know, the mental crap that will go along later on



is like COVID-19 has also helped me a lot with getting closer to my daughter. I think my kids, so yeah, I think we lost you a little bit. Hello. Are you playing with us again? there? Yeah.



Just so the listeners know, because I've messed with them before the show. I just paused my head. And now I'm just kind of shaking my head sighs This is fake. dr. D. Before we wrap up before the internet goes to crap again. Me Meg. Usually every year we do our predictions for the fitness industry in 2021. So this year, I think we can expand it to the psychology of humans also and throw it in that and kind of expand on our predictions. We'll make it real short and quick. So Meg, do you want to start with it so we could show Dr. De like how this goes.



Yeah, fitness predictions. Yeah, I think I don't know if it's really a prediction. I just think like the online space in the virtual space. Like I just think we're going to continue to see a lot of growth there. That's you know, especially like in terms of fitness, it breaks my heart to see so many gyms shutting down and I think that there's always going to be an importance for that in person, you know, contact and connection and for, for people to have that adoption. But I do think that we're going to probably see a lot of really cool creative innovations come out of the virtual space for fitness. There's a lot of people that just, um, yeah, that they don't want to go to a gym. And then maybe this is the end people are sitting at home, right and kind of, you know, depressed and saddles going on, can't go out and do things, and maybe there's gonna be something really cool that comes out that helps bring in a whole new people to be conscious of their health in that virtual space. So I don't know if that's really a prediction. I just, I just know that I'm excited to see what happens in the virtual space. I think there's tons of room for everybody to play in there. But I don't know what's gonna come out. I think we're gonna see a lot of people shifting that way.



All right, dr. D, he got got the feel for it. What about psychology?



Oh, yeah. You know what I do predict that more and more people will use online therapy, for sure. And I think more and more people are going to be very, very unsettled, uncomfortable with being face to face. I think a lot of these offices are also shut down. I think a lot more apps, you know, online help apps, more virtual sessions. I know a lot of my friends in the US already, like they've closed their offices, and they've moved everything online. I do everything online. I'm also part of an app. And it has really helped people I know some people are missing that you're part of it, right? So people can find you on the app. And you know, and we're very busy. I think more people because they're cautious. Unfortunately, I think it's going to rob people from the opportunity of being face to face, but I don't think 2021 is going to make them feel more comfortable in coming into clinic. But I do feel very, very hopeful that people now are okay with utilizing mental health services. Yeah. And going online, it has helped a lot of people keep their confidentiality because they don't have to come to the office. They don't have to be seen by other people, especially in our part of the world where someone runs in, right. And we have to have these private offices because we have extra offices for people who are VIP, or they think that they don't want anyone to see them when we put them there. So now no one has to do that. You could be in your own place in your car. I have people like in the front corners of their house talking to me and no one knows that they're talking to me. So I think utilization of mental health services will increase because they'll need it. They will use a lot more online to keep their confidentiality and in this part of the world, I think people are gonna be happy using services and anxiety depression will increase definitely. And I don't think we're gonna get out of it this year. There's gonna be people are depressed there's



a mountain to climb. There's definitely a mountain to climb on. That's



my prediction. Did I do a good job? The first time I predicted Yeah, you



did a good job. He did a good job.



That's not he was here as



well. To be honest with you, I think we're gonna see a bunch of assholes pop out of the woodwork. Oh shit that already happened this year. Yeah, no, in reality I I honestly think I'm gonna go the opposite of you guys a little bit because I think once this vaccine rolls out and things cooled down a little bit, I think we're gonna feel a need for that human interaction. I'm going to go back to Maslow because he had the hierarchy, right? Yeah, right. Dr. Dean. Yeah, he had human interaction was part of that hierarchy. Right?



Maybe it could be virtual. Now we got used to it. We've been doing it for Yeah, I don't



want virtual and I think people need that one on one, they need that touch they need. I think



people need that. And



Meg, you're gonna laugh at this one. But I think boot camps are going to come back into play. I think group classes are going to become a big thing later in the year in 2021. Because people are going to want that interaction back. They're going to be starving for it. By the time things are okay to go back to normal. I think the sports industry is going to completely change. I think athletes are going to get paid less to be honest with you. I think there's going to be a dip in how much athletes are getting paid because like, you know, pro football baseball players, they get paid a lot of money this year. Yeah, they take so I think with COVID-19 teams are going to be like, Look, we got to cut back payroll. So we can't offer you $100 million contract. Like that's just not going to happen, you know, because everyone's lost money specially in these industries where they had food service providers and so forth. So I think sports is going to change a little bit. We'll still have the same athletes by playing for much less and probably with a little bit more heart. Yes, LeBron, I'm talking to you. And in terms of group fitness, I think that's going to blow up like in 2009. Just because that change in the tide, everyone's going to want it back. And people won't have the deep pockets for one on one personal training maybe in Kuwait, but not in the United States. That's for sure. And we saw that in 2009. Right when people didn't have the money, you go go to a group fitness class, 1020 bucks, you know, versus paying $100 to a personal trainer. And then I think from a psychological perspective, Doctor, you're gonna have a lot of business next year right? I think



that for you guys. The thing in your field, yes, you do face that you need you need. I mean, for me, I mean, they're getting there already. They're here. I'm in contact because they're back with their family. So after the vaccination, more and more people will hang out and do all the things they used to do. But I don't think that that is going to change with mental health. I think people, there's still going to be small percentage that want to see you face to face. But I think the bigger percent they're gonna want to do this online service with you and want to go virtual.



You don't think it's impersonal though.



Like, if I'm crying, I want someone sitting there in front of me. So I could see their emotional feet off that a little bit. I don't want to be crying to a phone. That's just my personal.



I think I've never tried it. I think it should try it. And then you can judge it. But you've never done an online therapy. And you'll realize that really, especially with all these apps that we have, and you know, people can do zoom now and they can do WebEx. How do you know I've never tried it? I mean, well, I don't know. But you never told me?



You know, I never tried I try everything.



for everybody. I don't think it's fair to try it. Yeah, it works. But yeah,



I know. No, I don't think it's for everybody. I think in my in our field, more informed people might find it safer for their confidentiality. I'm not saying that it's replacing human contact. Definitely. It's hard to do family therapy with it. It's hard to do couple, and you know, it's meant for individual. I do also think that a lot more people will close their offices because it will save us and save corporations money on rent. I mean, if you could do a lot of virtual stuff, wiping for rent, I think this is going to be shifting now. People realizing they could save money, why not? You could do all your businesses and everything people will travel less for their business to all their meeting ritual.



I like that. I like that for all the listeners out there. You got your your conspiracies for 2021 you got your tips for 2021. with having purpose I think we all agree with Meg's line right there have purpose. Are you gonna say something? Go ahead. All right, let's see the tips for 2021. All right, cuz Greg's got one more than I got one.



Real quick, I just want to say a prediction that conspiracy theories actually come true and 2021 and then we'll have to pick new ones to follow. So wait,



aliens, alien? Aliens, maybe?



New World Order in aliens? I think 2021



Dr. Z's like I can't be on a show with these assholes. is detrimental to my profession.



I'll quit there. And I'll go for tip.



Tips. That part of the



I don't think you've ever had me tear up before. I've literally tear. We're gonna get sorry.



Support right teamwork. But no, I think with the whole resolution six, we really don't know what's going to happen this year. And things are out of control. And I'm not down with the resolutions for the new year. If it's like the cleanses the detox and that kind of stuff. I think like check in with yourself every morning, right? Eat at your dinner table, make it mindful, exercise and move whenever however you can, and just aim for a little bit better instead of perfect. I think that's just what I want to leave it at. Yeah, that's good. And then do it again the next morning, show up the next day.



Yeah, that's a good point. And that was Dr. Dean will help your No, I mean, I think this is great. And I think you're right, Mike. And this will also help them with their mental health not only with their fitness, so they can just do it. Keep protein sleep well, you know, make sure that you're a priority for yourself and have a purpose. Like we said,



I mean, for the guys out there, especially the ones that listen to the show and you know, they're all about you know, getting barf and swallow and stuff. Dude, take the necessary steps take small steps, like Mike said, Take the small steps show up every day. I like that show up every day, ready to go to the office. You know, like I don't we talked about this last year. I don't have like resolutions. My resolution happens every day. You know, like it's Yeah, you can't say oh, I'm going to quit smoking on January 1. You know what, you'll quit smoking for a month and go right back to it. You have to want to do it. Right. I quit smoking on the 18th or the fourth of November three years ago. And you know what? It wasn't a resolution I woke up I took a puff I said this is fucking gross. And I put the cigarette out. Yeah, but that was it. Yeah, I didn't want to do it anymore. And the year before that, I had been thinking about how this was going to affect my health you know, down the line, and I didn't want to live you know, having someone else wipe my backside. You know, that was that's just what it came down to. You know, so I think whatever steps you're going to take today will fall into tomorrow but just have the right expectations when you do have your resolution and I put my fake air quotes have the right expectations don't think if you go to the gym for one week, you're gonna shred 2030 pounds It doesn't work like that. You know, it really doesn't. If you're going to set a goal set small goals and work towards those so that when you do achieve a smaller goal habits Yeah, right. You create those habits. And instead of thinking of I want to lose two pounds a week think of I want to lose a quarter pound a week and do it the right way and lose a lot of weight over a long period of time to get healthy and what your body can do. You know, rather than what your body looks like, and it's just, that's my, my two cents on it.



I love that, you know, you mentioned like, right like your relationship with DJ or being a dad or you know, independence as you age. Like, you know, like, that's the stuff that's gonna motivate you. That's the stuff that's gonna help you show up the next morning. That's you need to know why you're going after that.



Yeah, find your purpose and your purpose. Wow.



Yeah, dr. D. I hope we don't get you fired as a psychologist.



Why show? Because we



said everything gets the grain here and we meet Megwin we went to town. It's like,



but I mean, it's your opinion. Meg, would



you want to tell me about my hips before we sign out?



Oh, yeah. You had a video of you doing a drill. It was your bar muscle ups if I'm not mistaken, right? Yeah. And so you had a video of you crushing 10 of those in a row DJ counting for you and him getting to see your celebration. I thought that was so



cool. Thank you. I



appreciate your overdramatic celebrating.



I achieved something that I



did all the good ways like no, you're you're taking that in a bad way. It's like, it was like, it was intense. And it was awesome. Like you could feel it like



defensive because someone said, Dude, you have to be dramatic about doing that. I was like, Look, I was really happy like I was when you think you could



write that check when



you can only think you can do six or seven. And you do 10 that's a huge achievement. Like that's Yeah, no fuzzy inside. You know what I mean? Sorry. So then I showed my warm up, who



cares if they think maybe you don't have to worry about if someone thinks you're dramatic or not. You needed to celebrate you celebrate? Who cares what they say? That's



what I told them. I said, I don't give a shit. I could care less. That's why I posted it. Why is he sensitive? I'm not that's why I post it because I'm not sensitive about this stuff. You know, like but I use that as an example because later on I might get defensive about something you know what I mean? And that psychological perspective pops into my head dr. D, where someone had mentioned something right and then it's mentioned again in a different way but then I get overly defensive because I thought it was in an attacking way just to explain why



and that's why I'm saying you should not be overly defensive and if you want to celebrate whichever way it is, even though it looks dramatic for other people it doesn't matter you want it to celebrate and you should be okay with it. That's a little psychology for you at the end



do good feel now now i'll i'll ninja your brain so that you get self conscious for the next time you post your your head video and I'm just kidding You can't hear me oh shit I wanted him to hear that



well Yeah, yes did what he posed



Are you on now?



Yeah, I'm on I don't know what happened in my sound it just kind of what



I just gave you a Big Dig you might have to catch that in the recording.



Ah, man you all you got to send that to me separately buddy.



Now your your hips all I was touching on was your your warm up. The intention of that right the band underneath is to help with the hip hop getting the hips close to the bar so you can get up and over it.



Yeah, for me, I don't have that problem.



And I feel like we're never gonna get through this because he keeps freezing up.



I think we should just wrap it up. Alright.



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