The Project: Kuwait

Psyched With Dr. D : Staying Calm During Quarantine, Connecting With Family, Finding Yourself, Being a Better Spouse and Parent, Self Appreciation

March 17, 2020 The Project Kuwait Season 1 Episode 126
The Project: Kuwait
Psyched With Dr. D : Staying Calm During Quarantine, Connecting With Family, Finding Yourself, Being a Better Spouse and Parent, Self Appreciation
The Project: Kuwait
Psyched With Dr. D : Staying Calm During Quarantine, Connecting With Family, Finding Yourself, Being a Better Spouse and Parent, Self Appreciation
Mar 17, 2020 Season 1 Episode 126
The Project Kuwait

In this episode, Mahdi and Dr.D talk about being preset and accepting the Quarantine and redeveloping relationships with family members. We stress on the fact of getting to know your family again and appreciating the time you have together. We also discuss the fact that this is a time where we all need each other and its not a time to yell or be mean to our kids but understand that the moments we have now are important in their development and our own.

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In this episode, Mahdi and Dr.D talk about being preset and accepting the Quarantine and redeveloping relationships with family members. We stress on the fact of getting to know your family again and appreciating the time you have together. We also discuss the fact that this is a time where we all need each other and its not a time to yell or be mean to our kids but understand that the moments we have now are important in their development and our own.

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you're now listening to the Project Kuwait to the Project Green Project, where we stop it. Nothing to bring you the right backs on health, fitness and psychology featuring some of the world's most experienced professionals. So you can learn and play with your host. Make Dr D and D. Hey, everybody, welcome to this episode with the project. Dr D doesn't have a salon, and you will hear about that in like 15 minutes. I can't believe you're

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not empathetic people. Please. They've closed the salon and that been stressing me out. So on this episode, I have been expressing my feelings. But Maddie can be empathetic. But we've also talked about priority, flexibility and what you can do at this time with this global crisis to make the best you can and to get closer to your family. So I think it's a really good listen

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and using your son nice Addison, and using your creativity throughout this drastic, crazy ass time be creative house and, you know, get closer to your loved ones. I mean, this is a time where you have all the time in the world to get close to your family members. Children in particular. So enjoy this episode. And please don't forget to leave us a rating and review and tell all of your friends that are bored out of their mind to listen to the show. And welcome to the Corona project. I mean, the project. Wait, I'm losing my shit over here too. So it's all good. I feel you got it. You got to keep it light hearted, as they say.

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I swear if I didn't have my other part time job, I would go crazy. Seriously, I mean, how much more can you clean screaming at? The kids eat and I'm even eating sweets when I don't usually eat tweet. That's ridiculous. You know what I mean is like, It's like it's a E. I mean, especially me, like I'm not used to be in home, so I feel like, Whoa, what do you do? And then some only wondering what these families air doing that are never about never together. You know, the kids I used to be. I used to be happy the kids go to sleep early in its Either I go out with my friend or my friends or stay home and I read something great. I have so much work to do. I haven't even touched it seriously. And you'll be wondering, What am I doing for the past two weeks?

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Come on, it's not that bad, honestly, to be to be completely honest. Yes, it sucks going home. But I'm enjoying the time that I have with D J. And the time that I am having with my life. And part of it is how to keep your shit together. And for I think me and hey, what's been working really well is we've continued training. So staying in that same routine that we were maintaining before the craziness happened, you know, has really helped us bowl. You know, we wake up in the morning, have our breakfast together. Then by about 10 30 11 o'clock, deejay jumps in, goes outside, plays in the garden, jumps into the pool when he jumps into the pool. That's my cue to start training because I trained right outside the door. So the nanny's Aaron there, God forbid anything happens. But I'm right outside that door doing my workout and you know, it's it's it's it's kept me saying so far, and I'm enjoying it. You know it was hard getting into that routine. But being at home, it's tough working out at home. It really is hard. So, you know, I think

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it is definitely actually, I feel like it's very hard core meteo work at home because then I mean, in a way, I do. I have been enjoying it, and I feel like one of the part of it is like you get to start thinking creatively what to do. Like you know, especially like I am not the type of person who likes spends time in the kitchen. So today we went in and bought some cookie mixing because lessons Birthday's Friday and he's very upset because it's Friday and the whole world is globally falling apart so he can have a birthday party. These turning Dean was trying to come up with creative things like we can make King. We can do this, you know, just now with the family, until we can get, you know, get his friends together once this thing is passed. So you're right. I mean, I think it's it's allowing us to be ableto be together and spend time, But then what do you what happens to those families have had so many families there are gotten into fights or the husband's driving her crazy. I had more women talking about how the husband's driving them crazy, because now he hasn't been around. And then he's around now. So he's wondering, Why are the kids eating this way? Why're you know the house is not as clean this way? Why is the refrigerator have this type of food Now? Suddenly he's very involved in the house items and grocery and decision making, and and, you know, he's just been lost. He doesn't know what's happening, and now he's trying to gain control, which is affecting the wife. Christie's feeling like, Why does Why do you care? Why are you interfering? And then in the nanny's job? Why are you doing this? And now there's tryingto argue more. You know

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that's a shitty relationship to begin with, To be honest with you, I mean, that's a week relationship is here that far. You know, if you're that far you have, you're that far removed from your family. I mean, dude, what you should be trying to do is get getting close, you know, like for me part of this is getting closer to deejay, trying to put my phone down for three or four hours and just be present with him. Like I've been his math teacher and two days ago went perfect. You know, he was he was a peach. And then today it was like getting him to finish a page of math was like pulling teeth. We got into a huge fight. He ended up crying and it was one of those, huh? Yeah, it's socked. But he needs to know that there is still some order in his life, That school are still important. And, you know, it's tough for him because he's bouncing off the walls. He was like, Daddy, can we go out now? And I'm like, No, you know, the Corona virus and yeah, I mean, God bless him. He thinks the virus has come from eggs. Um, it came from eggs and only certain people get He's so I mean, it was it's cute, but I mean, it's tough, but it's now Thio reconnect with your family member, especially if your dad, I mean cause we do spend more time out of the house. If you know Mom isn't working and Dad is the dad's out of the house almost all day and he's home for, like, two or three hours. Or at least that's my ass, too, huh? And you

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know that's true, actually. And that, that's the thing is is that most of most of the deaths in this part of the world is like they work. They come back to have lunch at two, let's say three. They take a nap in about five o'clock, they're out doing their errands or they're in there. Diwaniya until 10 o'clock. By the time they come back, that was their routine on a daily basis. So by the time they come back, the kids are sleeping. You know, the wife, maybe waiting or doing. Or maybe she's out and she's back by now and then that's it, then this is the continued kneeling routine and now tryingto have these individuals who are not gonna have this routine, especially this last two weeks. Nobody's working to the wisdom that means they'll wake up and do everything in the house and eat breakfast together. Watch TV and and so that's frustrating. I mean, even if you have a good relationship, I mean, they're probably a lot of people now. They thought they had a good relationship. But now it's like because you have to be with this person all the time and there's no space. There's no you know me time. Most of the time, everyone's home, so they're not gonna be me. It's time. The routine, Like you said, I think one of the great thing you're doing is to keep this routine, which is something really. People need to understand. Routine is important, like my kids and my kids. They do these school thing from 11 to 1, and I don't allow them to sleep until 11. That's impossible for me. I can't. I will get up early. I still work out in the morning. I have to have breakfast with them, and I think what's happening with these kids, like some of their friends, they stay up until three or four. They're sleeping very late and there, you know, the whole whole schedule is off whack, and some of these moms are like, Well, why should we wake them up early? They don't have anything to do. They don't understand that. We got to keep them under some routine so they don't drive us crazy. And people love even now with the gym's closing. I mean, you're doing it at home. I have noticed a lot more on Instagram people. I've gotten trainers to come to the house, which is something good. But then other people are not doing that, which means now they're not going to be working out for two weeks, which means that they're gonna be more moody and were agitated because now you're just gonna sit around doing nothing, eating, watching TV, maybe read some stuff and then these other people that are watching the news the whole time, So they're probably getting stressed with all the details that numbers, You know what's happening in the world and they're freaking out. And the more actions you are, the more you're going to put your frustration on other people in the house, which then creates a lot more fighting and arguments.

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No, that's true. And I mean, in all honesty, like right now, if you are fighting with your family members instead of cherishing the time that you have, because God knows what's gonna happen, we don't know what this virus is. What is gonna d'oh. I mean, for me, part of what I'm trying to do, too, is to make sure that I am a good husband and a good father right now, because that's what you know, that's what's needed. You know, God forbid anything happens. I want to know that I was the best. That I could be as a dad. And, as you know, like this is, I think this is a time where we should actually come together more as a family rather than saying, Oh, this person is annoying me. That person's annoying me or my husband or my wife He never gets involved or whatever. Like if you're the one that's complaining about your spouse, why are you not communicating to your spouse? You know, if if your kids annoying you, why are you not communicating? Are coming up with, like you said, different ideas for them? Because if they're annoying, that means they want attention and they're just bored. That's what that's what A lot of it comes down to it. It's like, Dude, just chill out a little bit, you know, cherish this time because you don't know what's gonna happen. You know, we don't know how this virus is gonna react. Like for all we know, it could be fricking airborne. You know what I mean? Like, I

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know, but you're you're you're expecting, you know, and it's that a lot of people know how to communicate. And I think when you've lived your life the whole time thinking that, you know, I'm just the breadwinner, I'm gonna go to work. I come back, I have lunch, I sleep and then I leave the house until 10 or 11 or 12 o'clock. Then these people have lost the skill of communication. Say they don't know each other. I mean, you know, when this woman is saying to me, you know what she's like, This is the daughter of She's like my dad is driving me crazy. He's like walking around, trying to figure out wired the table like this. Why is this like Okay, So he has been around for over a year, and suddenly now it was to remodel the whole house. He's wondering why the nanny's air doing certain things, you know, it's just like my mom. It's just sitting around like not answering him is the anxiety. His anxiety is driving her crazy Casey's actions, obviously, because he doesn't know what's happening. He's not doing his regular routine. He's not seeing his firm's and the whole time it's either than use the whole time or walking around yelling at this nanny, yelling at this person. So I mean, when you're talking about communication, you're right. You and I with one. I think about that. I mean, I was thinking that, you know, I work a lot. I mean, as you know, and I have a couple of jobs and I really don't see my kids. So I feel like I mean, I have yielded them several times this week and I figured you and then I feel really bad because you're right. I think this is the time where they're seeing me, said they are seeing me a lot more than they've seen me there, really excited. I mean, my daughter, the other days, like, Well, I hope we don't go back to school, Mom, and I'm like, Why, it's like me? What kind of nice, you know, you come to lunch every day. Now you're here with us and we get to do certain things and we have a show that we watch at night, one episode or two of it every day. So in a way, I think that they really cherish this. But some families, because the kids are active and they don't know what to do there. Assuming that this is a negative behavior, Anna, you know, and it's not a negative beauty could be an excites man. It could be that they have extra energy, and we want you to do something with them, and and so I mean, I may be these individuals that don't know how to communicate. Maybe this is the time to community. So if you didn't have a relationship to begin with A B and you've been with your spouse for a long time, and it's just become, like a companionship, not really a relationship, which, you know it's gonna cost a lot of funeral attention right now, beside the unpredictability, people not realizing what's gonna happen to economy what's happening? You know it's gonna happen tomorrow, and so I know you're anxious you don't have any, you know. So some of these guys go into these d wanted Yes, with their outlets. You don't do that. But a lot of the older men do that. And I'll even the younger ones that, like, you know, they don't go and play there Ginger fund and play their video games and at least leave the house. Then they are Right now they're feeling like there, you know, prisoners. Another you don't. And that's your right. I think we need to start. OK, we are in this situation. All of us. We can change it. What can we do to see it as a better thing? I don't think people have. Some people don't really have that skill where they're sitting with themselves and really thinking, OK, I mean, like in the clinic, like people I'm like, OK, well, we are in this situation. What is positive about, you know, what can you see? It was positive people so funny how people can tell me 50 million thing that's wrong with this. But they can find five thing that's positive about than being at home positive thing about being together, for example. You know, I mean so the other day, as this other person, well, was there anything that you always wanted to do together? I mean, you know, most of these people here like a lot of them are used to like when they want to do family time. They travel so they can travel now. Okay. What can you think of anything you guys can do together that you've always wanted to do together? I mean, there must be something even watching two hands, everything ground. And she couldn't come up with two. We shouldn't put up with more than two. And then and then And then what? Driving me crazy is people complain. You know why we have to stay home with you. And what the hell are they thinking? This is I mean, the country's doing these extreme measures, obviously, because it wants to protect its people and protect Kuwait itself. So I don't understand why people are constantly complaining. You know why I have to stay home. Why do I need to do this? Why? I need to, you know, again, even in that situation, there are unable to release he beyond. They're anxiety and distress that maybe something is positive about this. Maybe, you know, we need to learn something about this. Maybe we need to be creative, you know? I mean, I finally decided I'm not gonna be created. I've been trying to come up with things for the kids to do. So I started saying, What do you want? I wanna bake cookies. Okay. Every day we have to do something. Sometimes it's okay for them to be doing things on their own. There's no way I'm gonna do something with them. 24 7 But But you know OK, we'll do this together. You guys go hang out and do something by yourselves. Be creative. I mean, having free play is also a good thing Runa busting. But it's like, you know, people breathing are you know, sometimes their mind is so twisted like Okay, well, all right, we're in this situation right now. It's be nice to talk about what if? But we don't have a what? What can you do now to make your situation better? And I swear many people do not have that creativity. They'll be in silence and they'll look at me and then I'll say okay to taking a piece of paper and think about it seriously. They can't come up with something that would be positive, like you and I are saying, or you know what could be the best thing I could do right now, Nothing. People can sink beyond this. The stress. Why is it happening to me or to us? You know, 2020. It's such a bad year, like, you know, going on and on with all these negative, um, thoughts, our feelings and not being able to really say, Well, you know, our situations. Thousands of times better than other people. Situations very global, You know, we're ableto be more safe here. The country has put a lot of measures to protect this for free. Do you know what I mean? Like, you know, you talk about that than somebody. If you talk about that when someone says the kiss today. So this person always wants to look at the glass half empty. Yeah, but, Doc, But you know what you know, and you know the economy is gonna crash here. Well, we don't know if it's crashing right now. Let's stay here. Like every time you bring him back to see the glass house boat. It once and it wasn't possible it wasn't possible. Exit. And then at the end of like, yes, is draining. No training. How much people like to be miserable. It's draining. People love to be miserable. And at this time, like okay, it's global. Everyone is stressed. What can you do to not be miserable?

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Look, the only thing that should stress anyone out at this time is if someone coughs on you, touches you her like you know what I mean? Like, those are the things that stress you out, like keeping your hands clean, staying away from people, staying away from large groups. That's you. That's the shit that should stress you out right now, not being at home around the ones that you love. I mean, if that's your case, then maybe you need to do a little bit of soul searching during that

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is that is everything that they are around people that day long. It's possible that they're not around people that they love. Well, if you and the people that they love are not there,

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if that's the case, you just an asshole. You know what I mean? Like, I'm sorry. You know, for some

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people, this has been just a shelter. This is their house has been just the hub. And, you know, the really it's like a hotel. So if you Well, if for several years now you've lived in this house that has just been a hotel tryingto have them reconnect, you know, it's an impossible mission if they don't feel part of that family. So think about all these people that have really haven't been part of the family. They've been very distant, you know. They have. Um you know, this reminds me is like, you know, when I first came to Kuwait, I did a when you were stood an accident, and if you remember, But I started doing this research with remember, one of the anthropology professors

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who are doing the research on early Kay Connolly carnally so much. She was an awesome by the way

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we she was. And then we did this, like research on a the objective ity or the for perception off. People that have that were here during the goal for and and it was interesting because we were just getting story. So it wasn't about I wasn't It was more quality, not quantity. So we asked certain questions. We found some subjects that were here and people that were young here and there were, you know, older now and just like, you know. And the thing I remember the most about that research is that most of the people thought that was the best time of their life. And not because the country was in war but that it brought the family's together because it was similar situation where people couldn't leave. You know, there was a curfew. People stay home, obviously. And so they were, like, even the neighbors. And some of their stories were like the papers were coming to, um to the other house, You know, some some neighbors all got together or some families that lived in different areas of Kuwait. They all came to the bigger house, whichever was the safest area. And most of these subject that would like the ones we interviewed were, like, maybe 2022 by then. Um, you know, so what time I like? 2000 and eight. Maybe 2000 and nine. We did this, and it was like, So we're trying to get themes off. What? People noticed this like, you know, what are they? What are their memory? So we're trying to do constructive memory of what they remember at that time, and there was not a single person from the people we interviewed and we must have interviewed 50 people. Maybe was all of them the comments Theme is that then we got three connected as a family, you know, it was so nice to be together even if we didn't have much to eat. Ah, we were all scared. We're all scared together. You know, We used to play ball, House were replayed together. You know, all this like together, and there's a sense of, like, familiar and family. Um, we didn't really worry a lot because we were all in it. And, you know, what is this kind of feeling? It's It's kind of remind now. It reminds me of like these stories I heard at that time that, you know, people. Maybe they should start thinking about like, you know this thing. Although it's not a good thing, it is also helping us bond more. It's forcing us, you know it's forcing you. I mean, if I didn't have this coronavirus where we don't have work, I won't be forced to stay at home. I'll always have other gatherings to do other commitments. Other priorities and this thing is is, is allowing me to prioritize my family or forcing me to prioritize people and things that are important to us. So it's and sew it in my memory forever. Like after several years when I remember Corona, or like my kids. I'm trying to help them understand, like my son is upset because his birthday's during Corona wires. But then I said, We'll think about it your birthday. We can celebrate any time there are people are graduating. It might not have a great chew ation. There are people were supposed to get married. Now they can't get married now, and they can have to postpone. So whenever you know they're certain milestones, they're happening that people are not gonna happen. Traditionally, right? Yeah. So I was like, trying to help them understand? I'm like, Well, see, I don't have a job. I'm sitting here with you, and then there must be some things that you see that are positive. And I will always remember how I was, you know, being able to stay home and trying to be creative. I don't even like cooking, make cookies or like, do brownies. And, you know, and it's so nice to fix anyone that one step to talk to me, we could either do it virtual. They can come over to the house like it's just I don't know if it means become it. I feel more intimate, and it gives you more sense of belonging. But But, you know, if you're talking to these people that have not experience that and, you know, unless they're gonna do a mindset like they didn't go for where people start to think, Well, this is a great opportunity. Unfortunately, the country is going through this, but let's make the best of it. They were cooking at home. There wasn't any of this. Like ordering people would like trying to be creative by making simple stuff. Um, you know, these people stories were amazing in the sense of like, how did you deal with your fear? Where we talked about it as a family. We used to sit up night. Just talk about it. It was so nice that we have lost that sense off sentiments, I think. No, no, no. You know Well, I'm now. What is it?

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We've never been sleeping this late. Acted? We've never been so connected but disconnected from, you know reality s so to speak. And I just sent a four point about people that are like, Oh, I'm missing Mr are missing that. Think of this lodge. Think the minister, the prime minister of Italy or someone in Italy said this 60 years ago are 70 years ago we were asking you guys to go to war, and now we're just asking you to stay home, you know, Im Oh, yeah, If you put that in perspective from, like the guys that were drafted to go to Vietnam, the guys are addressed in World War One, World War two, you know, like like even the guys from the Gulf War. It's like, Dude, we're just being asked to stay at home to stop the spread of a virus. But that tells

spk_0:   24:11
you what's for some people, home is not really a you know, it's not a nice feeling. So that's why they have these strong reaction people that really enjoy being at home, where people that I've been dying to really spend time with their family, but, you know, financial situation, war, commitment, whatever has stopped them from it. But there's other people, really. Home is not safe for them. They don't enjoy being home. They don't like people that are in the home with them. You know, they feel no connection to them. And so the idea is is that they're feeling more isolated and more angry because, you know, at least they're They're venue to have people that are connected. Them are not inside that house outside of that. And so those individuals, like, you know, like I have several people, like they don't get along with their parents. They live their own separate life. Anyways,

spk_1:   25:03
you one thing You want your phone? I'm not on the phone. I heard this big, and I know you got to phone

spk_0:   25:09
that ever. But I forgot to put it on silent.

spk_1:   25:15
It's all right. Do you see me like, moving around the whole time or are you not?

spk_0:   25:18
You are. What are you trying t

spk_1:   25:20
o doing high knees? I'm just moving my legs because I'm standing up. Um, as you

spk_0:   25:26
Why are you standing up? We're going to sit.

spk_1:   25:28
I didn't bring a chair, and and I kind of like standing because I didn't really get a lot of steps in today, so Oh,

spk_0:   25:35
you didn't get any step. I didn't do any cardio today. My training keeps us say, you gotta do cardio. I just can't get into it. How do you get into cardio, man, once I am on the treadmill, then I'm okay. But getting there, you're going to be honest, I don't have anything to do. I

spk_1:   25:51
don't have a

spk_0:   25:51
good relationship with red. No, I don't want to do quite you. And every day is like every time now, I just started working out. I went back. And he's like, Please go do 15 minutes of cardio. Yes. Yes. And I get into the house to go to the cardio section and I don't make it. I don't know. I don't like it.

spk_1:   26:09
Look, the treadmill is a piece of machinery that should be doused with gasoline and burnt Good. In my opinion, thief treadmill is the most useless piece of fitness. And, well, the only thing I have to do cardio and the train and the train is bad for your knees to the bounce up from the ah, Rubber padding on a treadmill is pretty bad for your knees. Unless you have a, uh, I think it's a true runner. Um then the treadmills are really bad for your knees because of that jolt like that bounce back up that you get versus running on, you know, a surface like concrete or whatever. And they say running and running and sand is the best for your joints, regardless. But the treadmill? I mean, there's Dr D. There's so many different things that you can do for cardio other than quiet. Like jumping jacks. High knees. Um, I'm ally murders, I Simone class emerging from where? No. Sometimes you just you put your hands in front of you. You do like a, uh, almost like a plank set up right your butts in the air and you just bring your knees into your chest, alternating each leg, and it's like climbing up a mountain. So there's a There's a thistle hard thinking about jumping jacks. Jumping jacks are easy, has thought easy. I don't understand what you're thinking of.

spk_0:   27:31
My easy extra, the new weights. I don't want to do any cardio. What about wouldn't like What? Is there a possibility I could lose?

spk_1:   27:38
Well, hold on, hold on. Here's Here's a good skill. You should try and learn okay, because you're strapped in a home, and you need to learn how to do some cardio jump rope. Jump rope is like the best form of cardio. Anyone listening out there if you want to get your legs in good shape and you want to develop your CAFS jumper Oh, hands down. So that's a good That's a good girl. And you jump rope.

spk_0:   28:02
Yeah, I used to. I used to do 100 of them and then I don't know. I stopped, so they probably like me out of breath.

spk_1:   28:09
You'll be out of breath. It's gonna be really hard to d'oh. So do three at a time and then do four at a time, Then do five at a time and once you can string five. But here's here's here's the thing. You're coming up with excuses, and I'm giving you some of my best ideas. Alternate.

spk_0:   28:27
I wanted to tell Bill. You should just say, you know what? You should just say Dr. D. You don't need to do cardio, you know. Great. Just keep up. Keep on doing the power lifting stuff on. That's it. What can somebody just tell me? Forget about Corneille. Cardio does not do you any good? Keep on doing. I'm you know, I look, I just do weights.

spk_1:   28:49
If you what is it? Only had to prescribe one thing to someone. I would do resistance training over cardio. You know what I mean? Like you could do. You could even turn your resistance training into, like, a car to do it as a circuit at home. You know, if you have, like, 23 kilo weights, you know, circuit around, do like four or five exercises into a circuit for 15 minutes, you're gonna get out of breath, you're gonna break a sweat, and it's gonna feel like it's, you know, it's it's heavy cardio. That's what I would do tell, that's what Cross what kind of a long circuit. I mean, today's

spk_0:   29:28
probably missing the gym, right?

spk_1:   29:30
Ah, yeah. Because my coaches, he's breaking my ass like this. Ah, he gave me a workout today. It was 50 double unders. That's jump rope. 50 50 50 40 30 2010 of double unders. Ah, Burpees and air squads. And every five minutes you have to run 400 meters, so Oh, my God. I'm like, Oh, this is gonna be easy. It took me like 45 minutes to finish. That's like

spk_0:   30:00
my kids every day. He has to give you something.

spk_1:   30:03
Yeah, everything. About every day. I have a program every day that I go about. I mean, I didn't you know, like I don't want to lose everything I've built over the last year in terms of you know, where my endurance capacity. And that's what's got me freaking out in terms of the gym, like there's only so much you can do for stuff like CrossFit. You know, I can't do pull ups. I can't do muscle ups. I can on Lee do things. I don't have a bar. I took my backpack, my under armour backpack, and I feel what I'm saying sandbag. I took my other under armour back, back. I fill that up with sand to get another 10 kilos, so I have one bag. That's 31 bag. That's 40 and you know those are those are my waits for right now. But again like you, said potpie, people need to be creative,

spk_0:   30:50
need to be flexible. You need T, need to be flexible and created exactly,

spk_1:   30:54
and that's what it is. It's like people come up with every excuse in the book. I can't do this. I can't do that. I don't have this. I don't have this. Be like, dude, be creative. Use what's around you. Hey, I was like, Oh, I can't do step up so we don't have a box. I said, look, there's a ledge right there. You can do your step up like that. That's probably about 2025 inches. Your golden You know what I mean? Yeah. And try it. It's fun,

spk_0:   31:18
you know? And maybe, And I'm hoping people will take this time to be creative, even with their kids like ass tickets. What is it that you want to do? Be creative with them and don't put the, you know, I don't want to be responsible coming up ideas every day that they who should come. But you're right. I think I think that may I? So, Hey, you're doing that on Instagram and and I feel like, you know, like the, um, I've had some people like Oh, my God, I don't have the gym. I don't know what, and I said to one person I said, Well, why don't you, you know, get a trainer. Most of people doing that mean I've already been doing that for a while. It's I don't like James and these and this guy's like, No, I went to, I went to buy weights and they were all sold

spk_1:   31:56
out like everything else. Everything was sold people so quickly to go by. So hold on. I'll tell everybody right now the secret that everybody's kind of keeping right now in Kuwait. I think it's what is it? It is beyond fitness are beyond equipment they have. Ah, they have gear. And then there is, um, pro sport Kuwait. They also have year and they deliver.

spk_0:   32:25
Oh, it's you. So they've got some

spk_1:   32:27
stuff. Oh, yeah, we should posted. I don't care. I already by my shit you posted on instagram? No post. I might need to buy more stuff. I want them to run out every minute. You don't

spk_0:   32:40
want to pay. So you don't want to pay so many things and then not use it because you're gonna go back to the gym for maybe and be good just to spend money on this because I want that I don't

spk_1:   32:49
know. Why not build your own gym at home. Like, why waste that money? Think of it if me and hehe if we build Ah, full gym right now, Um, and we have everything that we're going to need, we save how much will save, like 300 Katie a month or whatever Whatever we pay for our gym members. Oh, so you won't go to the gym? Know what? That's what you're saying? You

spk_0:   33:12
wouldn't have to go to the gym. Then you could just bring your trainer, then.

spk_1:   33:15
Yeah, it's a one time investment. It's a one time investment. Once you make that investment and you commit to it, and if you don't have the money for it, literally everything around you can be used as a piece of gym equipment, A door handle you can do. You could do back Rose with a door handle, literally like if you want. You want to work here lots. You can do it with a door handle on the door. You just hold on to that door handle, drop back and then pull yourself in and it's a row right there. You know, it's it's just being creative with it and thinking outside the box. Um, but after

spk_0:   33:49
confessed. Can I confess? I don't mind them closing everything I had own mind. I don't mind that they've closed restaurants and they can, You know, we usually eat at home anyways, but one thing has devastated me. I can't believe they've closed the salons. I used to use the salon as a as a way to escape the madness off this house. When I want to have my own time, I go to the salon. Now people could say to me, but you can have them come to the house like my friends. They're all already used this, you know, in house service. Whatever. I don't bring anybody to the house even before cut on a virus. Not because of anything is because I can't manage doing my hair and my nails in my house because I won't feel relaxed. I want to go to the salon. I was devastated yesterday when I found out I go to the salon maybe 2 to 3 times a week. I either want to do a facial, have my hair washed, because as long it needs to be washed frequently or because I just want to, you know, just be there you know, I can't believe now. I have. We don't know how long the salon would be closed. I don't know what to do with myself. And now I have to bring service in the house. So today I was like, Okay, what service should I bring to the house? I know I usedto remember one place. There is a lot of warm, actually, but to me, I feel like it's not the same what I'm going to do to today. I called the salon just to make Zeke. Maybe I had heard it by mistake to places that I go to and neither one of them answered.

spk_1:   35:32
Oh, yeah, devastate everything, of course. But that's a good thing. I think that's a good thing. It's a really good thing. Not here. Let me be. The women is not a good Let me let me be the shrink firm. Okay, let me be the let's switch roles. What? But why can't you relax at your home?

spk_0:   35:52
I because the kids so imagine you're getting a manicure and pedicure and there's Larson. Mom Larson is picking on me and he screaming.

spk_1:   36:03
I didn't do anything.

spk_0:   36:05
Now how the hell are you going to relax. And then I go to my room and I shut the door. And there is Larson. Knock, knock. Mom, can I see what you're doing? Okay, sure. You can see. And then she'll start sitting then and she'll leave.

spk_1:   36:20
And do you ever let Larson do your makeup?

spk_0:   36:24
Yes. She loves to do my hair and makeup. So this is Lars says idea in a cute bosses Agree. You know what she said to me? Mom, this isn't a great thing to do. We had to run to the store to buy something, so she found me a leave in conditioner. I said why? She said, Mom, because it's a great thing that you don't have to go to the salon now I could to do your hair. We need this leads in conditioner for newest. And then we would We will blow dry your hair and we will Kurnit you and an army. And you don't need to go to spend your money on this alone. And that is to places I said, But you're this I said you are. You are. You're forgetting that I like going to the salon because it gives me me time. And you know, she said, I swear, Mom, I will dry your hair. I will. Let's say a word. Thio that Is this just gonna be quiet Last you do it right here. Uh huh. Hot off mosquito. I said It's fine. You can talk to me. I said, you know what? You're right. Maybe we should look at this Constitution. I could save money. You get to do my hair and I get to learn how to do my own hair. Do you know I don't know how to do my own. I just know how to calm it. I don't do anything to my hair.

spk_1:   37:42
Who says I don't understand that about you women? I don't know. I have the one thing, anything. How? Like I hate I hate going to the salon mainly because the guy I've been going the same guy for like 20 years and is in the heart of job again. And I hate going there, so I usually leave it for, like, 23 maybe four months. Last time it was kind of like eight months, and it just got out of control, and it's just like I remember. Yeah, right. I mean, it was pretty long at that. I think everyone could agree. My hair was horrible time, man. Dude, I did not feel like going to the salon. It's just it's a pain in the ass to get there. Yes, it's relaxing like this for

spk_0:   38:28
women. We get to talkto

spk_1:   38:30
you know how much it costs to make friends. You know how much it cost me two for when my wife goes us on. That is expensive. Why don't you d I Y Do you know yourself? Do it. Yours don't care.

spk_0:   38:43
No, no, we don't care. We want to be pampered when someone is washing your hair and she's massaging it and then the other person dries it. I don't have to worry about anything. I'm on my phone answering my calls, you know, right now, right now, this is the time I want to be pampered. And now I don't have. So now I have to bring in service in the house, which defeats the purpose of putting on a viable

spk_1:   39:07
wait. So you're gonna You're gonna bring the service in the house what they have. Corona doesn't know. I'm for my

spk_0:   39:12
for my hair. No, but nails How about manicure and pedicure? Who's going to do that? I mean, you

spk_1:   39:18
guys don't have to worry about you. What do you want? Our Nam. But why do

spk_0:   39:21
you need it during

spk_1:   39:22
Corona virus? Like we Shouldn't this be a time for everybody Thinks is a reboot. This is a reboot for everybody. I think it's a poor and that everyone out there reboots their goddamn system. Okay, You don't need me. You don't need you here every day. Well, I need to look, You don't need makeup all the time, Okay? But feel good. But why do we always need makeup? Why do we always need to wear these social masks that everyone like wants? It's not

spk_0:   39:50
even make up its nails and your nails needed. They need to be pampered. They need tohave. They need to be cleaned. When I see my nails with a nice nail shape with a nice you know, you just clean them. We have a nice color. It makes you I mean at this time. What is corner visor doing it when you are stressed? Where do you need to do you

spk_1:   40:12
feel good about yourself? My nails through the video dirt under my nails. But you guys air not

spk_0:   40:18
judged like us. We're always just can't imagine

spk_1:   40:21
why. Always, why I always get like yours. Hold them. But why always pay attention to the male social, the male gaze or adhering to the male gaze So smart sometimes my goal. All right. It's because my wife, well, it's because my wife is like a lit major. She's way. We all know that. I think everybody knows Hey brains behind, you know, like all the madness that goes on. But no, I mean, like, this is a good time for everybody to kind of, like, just like, relax, chill. And don't worry about that. Let our idea get loose. It's not hiding. Those hygiene is cleaning, taking showers and whatever. Like today I went swimming, I took a shower and then, like I was, I was like I looked at Hales like, Oh my God, I still smell after my shower And she was like, How do you still think I was like, I didn't put deodorant on? Yeah, like that's just because I'm at home. So I'm not really I'm not worried about it. And there was a time where I didn't put any deodorant. I don't give a shit about this because there was always that. The sky. Why Disgusting. How is it disgusting?

spk_0:   41:30
Deodorant is a something that you do like brushing your teeth to home or not calling

spk_1:   41:36
Weigh 200 years ago. Do they have to tell

spk_0:   41:37
me what Impressed? You'd

spk_1:   41:38
wait. Did they have the order? That probably did. But it wasn't called deodorant. I'm sure they had something.

spk_0:   41:44
They probably were taking salt. I'm promoting it. Under their arms form. They must have something. Or back then they didn't stink because their food was natural and the food didn't. Now her foot is not natural. So when

spk_1:   41:58
its processes in our body the first todo has kills odor bacteria was called Mom and had been trademarked in 18. 88

spk_0:   42:09
18 88 c.

spk_1:   42:11
All right, so we're talking 100. We're talking like 120 years 140 years. Exactly. If

spk_0:   42:18
you if you forgot to put your joy odor and there must be wrong in 18 88 they realized they needed the order.

spk_1:   42:24
And you? This is

spk_0:   42:25
1000 2020. We definitely

spk_1:   42:28
This is This is how bad I am with the order and to, um I used to be really good with, but then I read an article about all the xeno estrogens that were in deodorant. So that's when I kind of stopped using it in the plastics and all the shit that could get into your body. I tried the, like, natural whatever stuff. And that was just that. I just smelt even worse. So now

spk_0:   42:50
you know what I was Really? I was reading that you can't use your dealer at night and not only reason. I know that is because, you know, Lar says 10 and so we're reading about, You know, um, you know, being in preteen and teen and all these, like, you know, periods and all this other stuff and hygiene. And how do you keep yourself whatever aan die? Every one of her pages is teaching them that when you keep hygiene, the order and you use it in during the day, you never use it at night. Because apparently because of all this substance that it has, it's not good for you to have it at night. I'm thinking Really? I didn't even know the along ready time.

spk_1:   43:28
God I haven't put your glad four days. You might not be happy, but I'm happy. I'm still cleaning. I still shower two times a day, but it's just like you still staying. I only think I only stink now because I was running around outside with my son. Jesus, I'm proud. I'm nine, like 90%. I'm going to take a shower after this Anyways, I always shower before bed. It helps me calm down like legit for some reason for saying

spk_0:   43:56
it. Now you don't have now, at least you know you don't have to wear your deal. You don't have to put deodorant when you go to bed. Hey, says why? Just tell her Because Dr D told you not to. It's not healthy. Scientifically proven. It's not healthy to wear it at night. Should this where during the day she'll be passed up. This is like you used to your stinking Anyway, I

spk_1:   44:16
don't think it's only now because it's only today. Yes, because I was running around with yeah, outside playing. But see, this is what kills

spk_0:   44:25
me. Mank instinct. I mean, right now imagine all these people are staying in the same house, you know, and they're all at the same time, like before when you, you know you go in and out of a house, so not everybody's there at the same time. Except if you had, like, a family luncheon. But Elston time, most everyone is in and out. So you can. Now you've got like if you have a big family and you get eight people in the same house and so can you imagine how many people like keeping up with their hygiene and other people don't even feel like taking a shower because there's nothing else to do it. Some people only took showers because they went out. Now they're not going out. You imagine all these people are gonna be complaining and fighting with each other because they're realizing you know who's who's really clean, who's not, who's keeping up with things, who's frustrated to staying in their room. And some people really have bad hygiene. I just hope this, you know, this coronaviruses really good for us

spk_1:   45:19
has no right to stay clean, man. You know,

spk_0:   45:23
I've never seen people use sanitizer as much. Just I've seen them.

spk_1:   45:27
E looked at it today. I was going. I was when I was going out, I was like, Shit, I don't have any sanitizer with me and I a d j We didn't go out. We went to our apartment to grab a few things because we're staying at our mother in laws. Um, and I was like, Shit, I don't have sanitizer. Luckily, I found sanitizer at home, and it was like, Oh, thank God it was just like wash our hands When we get into the apartment, wash your hands before we leave. As soon as we walk into the house, Yashar hands wash our hands and it's I mean, it's good. It really is good. I mean, we did wash our hands, you know, from the beginning, but it's it's better now. It's teaching him Maura about hygiene, too. So,

spk_0:   46:03
actually ah lot, because now I'm reminding them, Did you wash your hands? You know, because before it's like, you know, it's not something you ask. You assume that they've already done it, and now is like before we did you wash your hand, You know, as soon as they finish eating, they have to realize that they gotta wash their hand also. And I feel like it's really, really bringing. I mean, this is like bringing things that are already there. Yeah, they were already, you know, from the beginning, they should have been there. But I think we've lost touch in all these, like little details, things that were very important keeping clean. It's something existed through centuries. But why did we lose track of it? Why? We're losing track of like, washing our hands, you know, why do we touch our face so much without realizing that it really harmful to us? I just feel like Corona virus has brought us back to infancy. Really? See,

spk_1:   46:56
you know, there aren't Look, there are good things about what's going on right now. They're definitely are a lot of good things about what's going on. And there are a lot of bad things. Yes, people are gonna die, which is very sad. It's gonna suck being like this. All this whole situation goes suck. But if all you're thinking about is the negatives, then it's just gonna be that much worse. You know, like you just gotta my pin you got to try and stay positive. You know, it's I think that

spk_0:   47:24
you know, you know what, in my opinion, this It teaches people how to be more flexible to have changed their priorities. I mean, when we didn't have surgeon routine for such a long time, it is time for us to change it. I mean, sometimes changing a routine is important. Well, you know, if we didn't have this, you know, a pandemic, we would have never tried to change already. Now people have to change the routine. They can go out, which means that they now they have to do the best they can. They can pray outside, you know, you can't go shopping. They cannot eat in a restaurant. So those individuals who have always wanted to go out and eaten, they have to be at the movies. And, you know, they got to do all this extracurricular activity. Maybe now they can save some money they can go back to, You know, normal things. The way things used to be. Where, you know, back in the days date created things on paper and pencil, they came up with ideas they created, you know, games, board games, like, you know. What do you think they did? Even 30 and 40 years ago, not even telling you. 100 years ago, people were much more creative back in the days they knew how to thio, to be flexible, forward, uptight about things. And so I think this is really bringing us back to reality that maybe there are priorities were all fucked up. Excuse my language, and it's time for us to set different priorities. So that so when people are coming to me and they're talking about wanting to get divorced and one of this right now, I feel like, Okay, I don't know if that's really important right now. You know, there are people still their priorities that I want to get divorced, and I want to be separated, and I don't like him, and I don't like her. And sometimes I'm wondering now, recently, I've been thinking, really like he could we not talk about something else? Maybe How you could deal with each other because really can't even get there the day that is girls like she comes at you like Hollis. I've decided we need to get divorced. I said the court system is closed, right? No, You're gonna have to, like, put up with each other for another four weeks. Oh, man, I was, like, very creative, agile, like eyes. There. Anything else like can you? How could you even be thinking about that right now? Yeah, people there are fighting about still anything we're not talking about, Like, really aggressive, abusive, off course. These things are not tolerate, but, like silly things. Like they pick, they don't want to pick their fight. They pick on every little saying that they and and now is like Okay, um, maybe we need to shift our priority. Maybe we need to think about We don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow. You're talking about divorce right now, Like very thing could work on on yourself. Is there where you can change your communication style meth? Alan, can you do something different with him just to be able to manage these 23 weeks? Do you know what I mean? Even during crisis, people are thinking about silly things. No. 100%. And I think you know, he put you need to change, man. They need to start shifting the way they think. For that sake, 100% purity should be. Use your priority. Safety man safety ditch this along with everything else, anything

spk_1:   50:40
but everything I know. I wouldn't be so

spk_0:   50:43
happy with the open. He's God. I've been praying, and I you know, we're Catholics. I've been putting candles just for this.

spk_1:   50:51
A large open Thank you, everybody for joining us. And if you have a salon that will come and pitch up a tent to make Dr Feel like she's not at home but in the comfort of her own home. Please contact her. Yes, please. Please feel my pain. Thanks for listening, everybody.

spk_0:   51:21
Thank you.