The Project: Kuwait

Polish Strong With Bron Discussing: The Secret to Polish Strength and Condition

December 22, 2019 The Project Kuwait Season 1 Episode 101
The Project: Kuwait
Polish Strong With Bron Discussing: The Secret to Polish Strength and Condition
The Project: Kuwait
Polish Strong With Bron Discussing: The Secret to Polish Strength and Condition
Dec 22, 2019 Season 1 Episode 101
The Project Kuwait

Polish Strong With Bron Discussing: The Secret to Polish Strength and Condition What Makes

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Polish Strong With Bron Discussing: The Secret to Polish Strength and Condition What Makes

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Theo Project brought. Wait, what you learn, everybody. Welcome to this episode of the project, and I get to sit down with brawn from strong for life. He coaches a couple of athletes here in Kuwait. He was ranked 42nd in the world in this year's CrossFit Games. Absolute beast. He almost beat out Matt Fraser, the world's strongest man, one of the events and almost took the overall win. Think he was three seconds behind, he said. But he gets into some deep stuff about training, and he talks about how easy it is in the Polish methodology. And, you know, he just really kind of talks about the determination of the client. And that really kind of sets the precedent for someone, a move forward and various sports and bring up their PR numbers. So of you stick around, you get to hear about his different methodologies and some of the methods used in Poland, and it's a very simple approach. So please leave us a rating in review and you might win a free T shirt out of it. Thanks. All this and more in today's episode. Mr Braun, from Poland, you coach Joss Miguel, off strong for life. Online coaching, right? Yes. Joining me from Poland now, man, you have an interesting story. You started out as a banker, right? So can you dive into that? Just start right from the beginning, dude. Okay.

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Hello, everyone there. I'm brawn. And from point. I was ah bunter for six years before I started to train. Let's say professional sport at the beginning, it wasn't professional training. I started Cross Street after three years off working in in the bank. So I have, let's say, just few hours per day to train. Also, I was a coach. So when I find out CrossFit I started to train that started to coach people because in my city there was any coaches yet because it was 67 years ago and trust it was not well known in my city in Allston. And after three years of training, I decided leave my job toe, have much more time for the trainings. And because I once I found out this sport six years ago, I talked to myself that one day I would liketo be able to compete with these guys who I watched a newt upon from this movie from the Christian Games. And in one day, I will be there. And this was my motivation. It was keeping me for the six years, and it took me six years ago there. So, my child, my life was really changed since I find out CrossFit to the level how it looks like now.

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That's amazing, man. Now, it took you six years to get there. How did you get started? What really drove you into it? Were you into fitness beforehand? I mean, you said you never thought you would because you worked in a bank. What do you say to the average person that has that dream that has that ambition? And they work in a banker behind a desk, and they're just like, Oh, I want to start working out. I want to start, you know, getting fit healthier. But they always kind of now do it. Next week, I'll do it tomorrow. What kind of gave you that push? You know, like, really are? I'm gonna get out of my desk right now. I'm gonna get up. I'm gonna go to the gym, start bench pressing, learning howto Olympic lift cause did you break a record this year or set a record at the games this year. I heard you had, like a mean lift at the games. May leave tough to get on about being a really big lift or something. Or Johnson was saying he did something. At the very least, I

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don't No, no, no At the games, I was no table. Believe anything heavy this year? Unfortunately,

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Oh, no, Before

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the games and

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my mistake, it was the handstand walk where you ah, finished it Like in the top? Yeah,

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the second event of the CrossFit games. I was second overall in this event in just three seconds seconds after the much razor. Wow. So it's just three seconds and I would win this one. So small, small,

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small, managed, a little usto. You almost beat Matt Fraser. Dude, how did that feel? Almost beating Mat Fraser. Thank you. Two

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would be awesome. But anyway, the second dig taking second place on such competition is really great feeling. So this is the such moments. Winning not always. Competition's about sheets. Givens is really good experience, and this is for me. It means a lot because I really love competing. I really love to be on the arena and I trained mainly because off death, because Toto be ableto win competitions. Frankly speaking, I don't like training the routine, the value of the training's day and the day I really love the competition. Time when everyone show up, everyone have one shot to give her best and only one wins. Yeah, only the best guy. So it is that this is really motivated me.

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Wow, man. So now you're ranked 43rd in the world, right? You're ranked number 43rd in the world worth 42nd for anything for 42nd in the world. That's amazing. So are you going to continue competing in that high level? Like, what are your goals right now? Just out of curiosity,

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who wants? I have been there. I know how this competition looks like the atmosphere, The peep Cool off the CrossFit games. This is really cool place to be. And I want a comeback toe from this competition. As many times as many years us, I will be able because crossfit is a really transport. I really like and enjoy competing and my all my experience in this sport and every year I steal I can be better and better. I have stepped. You want I am 31 right now, But I trained this sport on the high level. Let's say three years on Lee. So I think I can be much more better for two or three or so. Who knows for sure? I will be trained. I will be compete. I'm high level at least 23 more years.

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That's amazing, man. That's definitely an amazing feat. I love the back story. I mean, it's a true from, you know, behind the desk Thio the main stage of major sport. Now let's dive in a little bit. Thio Strong for life, Your online coaching now. Joss um, started out as an athlete. He was in Spartan races, endurance races, and then he decided to do CrossFit right around the same time at I was just getting into CrossFit and his level has gone up like tenfold since when he started to. Right now, especially when it comes to the heavy lifting, he can lift a lot of weight for only doing it for a year. What do your training methodologies?

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They're really simple, like curse it'sjust, mustering the skills that he and then put some volume on this. And this is really nothing special. Just having some experience in combining movements and training shuttle just don't know how to recover from each day from each leave from each movements. In my training methodology are usually program for my athletes, especially from the strange training, the things that works for me, the things ah, which helped me become quite strong, dude and I try toe, you know, share everything. I know all my acknowledge about it in my programming. So choosing from the only programs available in the market, mine is mostly focused on the strange. So if you want to be stronger at think so this strong for life programs for you. But of course, we train full CrossFit, so we also do gymnastics stuff and skills and er and stuff and so on. But the main focus is on the strange.

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So now when you talk about the strength, let's talk about the big lifts, the squad, that dead lift and overhead press those big lifts right there. Let's talk about those. How do you program for someone to increase their P R's and their numbers in the squad? The dead lift and the overhead press like what are some of your secrets to improving those numbers?

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See those secrets? That's only, you know, hard Lord, the partisan person to work alone movements starting from the volume than intensification and tests. I am really a big fan of the Transport Queen mythology. My strength coach will help me look my strange two years ago. Voice check from from Poland helps me a lot. He, using transported queen methodology, used this on me and it really helps me to get to those big numbers. So I am using this knowledge, which I no from logic from my coach.

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Can you dive into the methodology a little bit and explain a little bit of that for the listeners?

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So let's say that this is kind of ah, block training. So we have 23 blocks. First block. Is there just an adaptation to the shuttle off their weights, which will be train for the next couple of blocks. So we are start to moving in. This second block is for the must gain for the big sites. Just a lot of volume of the of the training. Just get some mass just till I get all ready for the big lift and the third block is for there. Big main lifts, and after that we finish with some high numbers, low reps intensification and at the end, some tests. And so so this is how it looks like He's really, really simple for the training.

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I was going to say That's a very simple approach and it's funny because I just did an interview a while back with Miko a rumba. You know, he's a master's athlete and his methodology was exactly the same. It's just it's simple taking the simplest approach Thio a lot of these complex movements and just kind of just going over volume. And, you know, maybe just doing the simple things. Do you have a favorite accessory movement that you give your clients or you give yourself?

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Yeah, baby, having my experience scene? Because I in the same time, when I started doing crossfit, I was playing a lot of the kettle bells with the big bells. Ah, the heart started methodology so that I don't know it would notice a guy poverty. That's when he invented that. Also the strange programming, but with the cattle. But only And as we're using some off their movements from his medal legit, especially the Turkish getups, the windmills bent, pressing. So these kind off accessory movements are my favorites. So with heavy cattle both and all which have movements not Ah, cover it in there. Let's say particle, A strange movements in our sport, let's say for their squads for the deadly. If we move in the same almost in the same father and if you will have taken the consideration that that could get up Windmill. This is much more rotation movements and not quite simple movements also, and they really helped me in my training to get ink much more stronger core. So I also program and quite a lot off these to my outlets to help them also to prevent their shoulders. Because I trained six years and I never have any issues with my shoulders crossed you. So I think the training with the cattle bus helps to me in this to keep my shoulders healthy. So I also use the cattle Busey with this same approach.

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That's amazing. I mean, shoulders are usually the first things to go on. A lot of people now Can you talk a little bit about some of the other methods used in Poland? You guys have turned out some extremely strong athletes and Cem strongmen. Winners. So what are some other methodologies used in Poland for building the strength at the Polish possession? I mean, you guys are really strong, and you've had a lot of strong athletes. So what else goes on over there? I mean, is it something in the water

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we don't have as good water in Russia, but, uh, we have really good coaches in the strange training as well, but I think that this is not mainly because off this train, strange, strange pathology. But the individual, at least determination on the beach is the best in the sport, you know, like we talked earlier. There. Strange strength systems, especially, are quite simple. And your numbers depends Mahaney on this. How long he will be able to train with no injury. Because the injuries don't only think you can stop you from that getting these numbers up. And in my opinion, this is only the mother of the smart strange training. Do not go too high all the time because you need to have take time to recover to everybody. Just get it stronger, not toe bush it too much in the short period of time to get asylum and numbers in the short time and then can risk a lot of the injury. So So I think this is the point, that determination off the people because we as a polish were already strong dudes. But we have strong heads, you know, way want to do things. And if you won't become stronger, you must really want it. Okay? No, just going to the James and live the numbers the coach just wrote to you. You must really bad. He wants to leave this weight. Sure. No one. I mean,

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yeah. Now, how do you translate that? And how do you translate that into your clients? There are a lot of people that say yes, I want to do CrossFit or yes, I wantto lose weight or I want to build strength. But sometimes it's a difference of £20 on the bar where when you had the £20 you press up, you got veins popping out of your head and you're really trying versus you Say it's a £20 PR and it goes up easy. So how do you convince your clients like, hey, add a little bit more weight out a little bit more intensity, especially in CrossFit, because you only make the workout as hard as you want it. So what is your method? Thio, You know, sort of talk to your clients and build them up a little bit.

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We'll cross. It is really fun sport because of the people, because off we usedto compete even in the training's. So for having the better results in the training. It's not really hard because this is also the goat good point off the group programming such as my programming strong for life because this is the group of the people we'll train together. But, you know, they're all from the different places in the world. So we do training. We compare our scores at the end of the day, so this motivates people toe, you know, have better from there from our strength from the programming as well. But from the clients, the most important thing for me and the things which I all used high itin my programming is the focus on the consistency and on the ticking because this is the two major keys in that sport, not the intensity. Intensity is just that. You know, it's not always good toe do crossfit on 100% every day. Because if you will try to do CrossFit as best as you can just 34 days in a row, you'll need at least one week off. So my advice is always toe to train. If you are going to the gym to train, just train. Focus on the movement's focus on that consistency. Focus on the technique. Numbers will come. Your coach will tell you when the numbers will come. Then just try to go harder. And if we are doing some tests qualifications, these are tests. Okay, so then you can push as much as you can and stink on your two to do as many. And it's a quality reps as you can. Okay, so your body will learn how to move and how to breathe in cross trice early in this sport, and then you will be ableto be really good update. Okay,

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so So now when you do have athletes like I mean, I keep referring to and talking about Joss. Um, Did he come into it with a good base of strength, or did you have to build that over time? And when you left banking into CrossFit, did you already have a very good base of strength or was that built? Do I have

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that base of my strange

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with Joss? Um, and with yourself, cause Johnson just started in CrossFit and did he have a good basis strength coming in? And also when you started and cross it, Was there a good base or was it just built up from nothing?

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Actually, she she left some base off the strange, but right now I can see the numbers. Really, You go high, infuse training and in a lot off other athletes from my program, I can see the strange is improving in some guys. Just this ghost foster in some guy's slower, but it always go up. So from the white perspective fight, I can see that the program is work. So there's good news. Just Sammy's hes really a motivated guy. So, like I said, the the level of the motivation is really determinate. How fast you'll build the numbers on the bar, so you must really want Toby, Come Hunger piece right here. So

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that's amazing, man. I think we can end it on that. Seeing how the Internet connection isn't really doing well with us right now. So thank you very much for coming on the project. Kuwait. We really appreciate it. Hopefully we can either see you here sometime in Kuwait. Or maybe when they will come to Poland. Man,

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you're welcome in Poland. Just let me know. It would be really cool to see her here. Of course, I would like to also come to Kuwait to see you guys though. Visit Just, um maybe we'll try to organize kind off seminar focused on the strange train and on the customers accessory because this might work. Maybe something Art Deco there next year will seem

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awesome. An awesome thank you very much. Thanks for listening to this episode. If you enjoyed it, please head overto iTunes to subscribe rape and leave a review. You can also find us on Instagram at the project Kuwait. Thank you and join us next time